Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!  I know that this day can get a bad rap from people, but I totally love it.  It’s a day to give cheesy cards and lots of candy to the special people in your life.  Unfortunately, I can’t give cards and candy to all of you — but I do have the next best thing.  I’ve made a bunch of free downloadable valentines for you to share!  I made a bunch of valentines for the library I’m working at right now and had so much fun doing it.  Luckily I have you guys to make a whole new set for!

Choose your favorite and write it out to yourself from me, and then spread the love!  The download link is at the bottom of the post.

For the person who takes all your IG shots:

For the person who sees your online shopping orders…:

For someone who understands the importance of fabric scissors:

For someone who gets your hobbies:

For someone very special 😉 :

Downloadable Valentines Link

Valentines Downloads

I hope you love these valentines, and that you have someone special to share them with this Valentine’s Day.  I already sent my boyfriend the one about the online shopping cart — he knows what a big deal that is for me!

I’m hoping to pop back in here later in the week to talk about my dress for Allie J’s Social Sew theme this month, date night.  I haven’t even cut out the pattern yet, so that may be a lofty goal, but it’s one I’m hoping to keep!  On the plus side, I’ve already made the other two items on my must-make list this month.  Of course I finish the ones to get posted at the end of the month first…

I’d love to hear who you share these valentines with!  Let me know in the comments!