I’m pretty excited to be putting together my April to-sew list.  March and April can be two of my favorite months of the year, especially when they actually bring spring.  You know, like they’re supposed to.  Sometimes in Chicago, it feels like spring doesn’t even come until the middle of May.  We lucked out this year, though — after a fairly mild winter, spring came in the middle of March and it seems like it’s here to stay.

While my fingers are crossed that this is just a fluke, it’s more likely to be climate change, which is a real downer.  If you’re reading this in the US and have a minute, why not call one of your Congressional representatives and voice your support for the Clean Power Plan?  A script for that is in the Issues List section of the website for The Sixty Five, a grassroots organization empowering people to oppose the current regime with low-anxiety scripts for phone calls to representatives.

I might not love the reason why spring is here to stay, but I do love spring.  My favorite time of the year is when the grass has just come back to life, and looks too bright green to be real.  Just when you think things are going to be gray forever, boom – a bit of neon green on your way to work.  I’m really excited to get my spring wardrobe in order.

1.  The Bridgetown Dress for Project #SewMyStyle

I’m really interested to see how the Bridgetown dress works for my style.  I think the open back pretty effectively knocks it out of the “workwear” category.  Since it’ll just be a for-fun dress, I think I might adjust the back to make it even more open and a little less drapey.  Or maybe not.  I haven’t decided on a look for this dress yet.  But keep an eye out for an inspiration post later this week!

2.  An Easter Dress

I’m not sure yet how this will turn out — I have visions of a yoked dress with embroidery across the top and a gathered body, inspired by this Old Navy dress.  I’m not a stellar drafter, so this should put my skills to the test!

3.  Pajamas

I have two Carolyn Pajamas going right now, actually.  One set is for myself, and then I promised my mother a pair as her Christmas gift.  Yes, it is April.  And yes, I did buy flannel for hers.  So I really need to get going on these before she can’t wear them until next Christmas.

I put these aside in the past because I was struggling with some part of the directions (I don’t remember what, of course).  Now that I’ve conquered another Closet Case pattern, though, I think it’s time to finally finish these PJs!

4.  Another Orla Dress (or two, or three, or a million…)

The Orla Dress >> MaddieMadeThis.com
gratuitous photo of my favorite dress of all time

The idea of personal style came up a few times during MIY March.  It made me realize that while I have a pretty reliable style during the winter, summer is a lot harder for me.  I’m planning to address this in an upcoming blog post, but in the meantime, suffice it to say I’m looking for a few summer-appropriate patterns that feel like me.  I think my Orla obsession is already pretty clear, and I really do love that pattern.  I have two (!) graduations in May, one for each of my master’s, and I’d like to wear me-made outfits.  If my Easter dress comes out okay, that’ll be one, and I think an Orla is a great option for the other.

Strategic Planning…

I really like making these monthly plans of what I’d like to sew.  It keeps me accountable and motivated.  I feel like I’ve been playing a little catch-up, though, and maybe not focusing enough on what my wardrobe will need in the future.  By that I mean I feel like I’ve been sewing more what’s a WIP or an in-the-moment desire, and not thinking ahead.

Thinking ahead for the summer is difficult for me (again, see upcoming blog post), but I need to be better about focusing my sewing.  There are definitely some basic elements to my wardrobe that I’d looooove to flesh out, but haven’t yet.  These long-term goals include great work pants (more Chi-Town Chinos, I think), some basic layering pants (Ogden Cami, I’m comin’ for ya), and casual but work-appropriate blouses.  Hopefully I’ll be able to integrate more of these garments  into my sewing queue.

Plus, there’s the old standby: undies and bras.  I was on such a kick with these items earlier this year.  Lately, though, I’ve been passing them up in favor of some longer-term projects.  Someday I’ll come back to you, my pretties…

What’s on your sewing list this month?  Are there any gaps in your wardrobe that you’re looking to fill?