Six Things on my May To-Sew List

Hey there!  Happy May!  I love May — it represents the start of summer to me.  Sometimes it’s still pretty cold through the whole month here in Chicago, but I think we’re rolling with the warm weather here.  I’m still thinking about my ideal summer wardrobe (never did get around to a wardrobe planning post I hinted at last month…).  I’ve identified a few things I love, namely the Ogden cami, and of course the Lou Box Top.  I also think midi skirts might be in my future, and pants that are more lightweight than jeans.  I’m calling my May to-sew list to be a stash bust month, though!  So let’s talk about what I’m bustin’.

PS – In case you missed my Me Made May pledge, it’s that if I’m not wearing a handmade item that day, I’m working on one!  I know there are gaps in my wardrobe, and part of the goal this month is to work through some of those.  This gives me the flexibility to work with what I have!

Also!  In case you missed my Instagram story last night, I’m really interested in how you take photos of your me-made garments.  Tripod?  #InstagramHusband?  And if you go to a nice location to take them, do you bring multiple outfits?  Where do you change?!?! Comment, email, or DM me with your answers and I’ll feature you in a blog post next week!

My May To-Sew List

1 – The Pocket Skirt from CaliFaye Collections for Project #SewMyStyle

I’m really interested in this skirt since I think skirts are a gap in my wardrobe right now.  This one looks easy to wear and a little more professional than the gathered elastic waist fabric tubes I made last summer.  I’m definitely going to have to lengthen it, because #tall, especially since it’s supposed to sit at the waist.   I’m planning on making this one without any other modifications, but if it goes well, I might try making it into a midi.  Check back on Friday for an inspiration post!

2 – A whole bunch of Ogden camis

I made one of these camis last month, and cut out a bunch more.  I knew I was going to love it, but I didn’t know how much I would.  It’s so versatile!  I’m also envisioning a lovely longer version of the cami as a dress — not this month, but someday…

3 – A pair of Lakeside Pajamas

I have three different fabrics from my stash set aside for Lakeside jammies.  Two are old metallic polka dot prints, and one is a cool bird print.  I haven’t decided which one I’ll be using first, but I’m really looking forward to having some nice new summer pajamas!

4 – Another pair of Carolyn Pajamas

I have two gorgeous vintage fabrics and a floral one singled out to become shorts with short sleeves Carolyn pajamas.  After two pairs, I think I’m finally ready to conquer that collar and facing properly!

5 – Three Lou Box Tops

By now, you guys should know that I love me a Lou.  I’ve got two pieces of fabric left over from other projects that I’m hoping to squeeze Lous out of.  I also bought some more fabric to make another ruffled babydoll style one, too.  It’s a super easy hack, but I’ll be writing a post to tell you about it anyways!

6 – Bias tape

This is so easy to make, but I’m putting it on the list to commit myself to it!  I’m really getting into bias tape, although I wish I had one of those fancy machines to make it.  Simplicity, why did you ever stop making them?!?!?!?!?!

While I’m really excited to be getting rid of stashed fabrics, there’s also a lot of things I want to make that aren’t stash fabrics.  Unfortunately, I just can’t justify adding to my stash right now, especially when I’ve assigned projects to a ton of them!  If I can power through this stash busting period, though, I’m going to reward myself with some awesome new projects I’m dreaming of in June.  Wish me luck!

What’s on your sewing table right now?  Do you have a favorite stash busting pattern?  And don’t forget to tell me how you take your photos!!!!


  1. Well you’ve set yourself a huge sewing job. I admire your planning. Sewing is for relax time for me. Although I’ve sewing plans they aren’t time scheduled. I try to make the photo’s after a garment is finished and usually around our house. And for a favourite stash busting pattern? Most of my fabrics become stash because I bought them for some reason. I use patterns mostly once. I’ve just wrote a post ( about the origin of my patterns.

    1. Yeah, there’s a lot on there – luckily a few of them are quick projects! Thanks for sharing your photo techniques and pattern post!

  2. I rope my fella in to take pics with my iPhone in the garden, as we have a handy white wall. I have also been known to persuade my 11 year old daughter to take them if he’s not around. And if I’m desperate for a Me Made May pic and they’re not around, I do my best with propping the phone up and using the self timer. We do have a decent DSLR, but the pics with the iPhone seem to have a better colour balance and contrast so I no longer bother with digging out the camera.

    1. I sometimes try to make my 15 year old brother take mine- I end up with a lot of photos of him instead of me! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You’re so ambitious with your sewing list! I don’t think I could ever accomplish that much in a month. I’m looking forward to seeing all your makes!

    As for photos… When I’m in Germany, I have my partner take photos of me around our town or in castle ruins (he calls it the low hanging fruit of pretty backdrops), and then I take whatever shots he didn’t catch of the garment details in our living room with a tripod and a remote. When I’m in Portland, I pretty much rely solely on a tripod and remote. Regardless of where I am, I basically try to keep up with photographing a make right after it’s done so I can wear it around without feeling like I’m jinxing myself.

    1. Luckily a lot of them are quick sews! Oh man, I’d love to have castles as a background, that sounds lovely!

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