Hey everyone, and welcome back to another month of Project #SewMyStyle!  After what was kind of a flop last month, I’m excited for a project I think will go super well!  As usual, I’m bringing you several ways to make your garment your own.  This month we’re working on the Pocket Skirt from Cali Faye Collection.  It’s a cute gathered waist skirt with patch pockets that I think offers a lot of options for fun customizations!

Don’t forget, there’s always lots more inspiration on my Pinterest board!

Personalize Your Pocket Skirt

Pocket Ideas

1 – Contrast pockets

Since the pockets are patch pockets and not inset, it’s so easy to make them up in a contrasting fabric.  You could do them in a coordinating but contrasting fabric.  Or, you could make them up in a totally different fabric!  I have a chambray set aside for this skirt, and I’m seriously considering doing the pockets up in a faux leather.  Not work-appropriate but definitely cool!

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2 – Embroidered pockets

Did you guys see my embroidery tutorial last month?  This is a great opportunity to use it!  Some florals around the edge or all over this pocket would be adorable.  Or what about this little fox peeking out?  Too cute.

Links: left / center / right

3 – Pocket closures

There’s a few different options for this one.  You could add some exposed zippers for a little bit of edge.  Or, you could draft an edge to the pocket instead of the curve and add in flaps.  You could use snaps or buttons to close them, if you like.  Or, you could just use a snap or a button on the curve as-is, especially if it’s just for the visual appeal.

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Other Ideas

4 – Waist tie

A waist tie could be super cute!  I love this detail on the new Flint Trousers pattern, and it would be easy to replicate on this dress.  All you have to do is draft two ties and insert them at the waistband side seams.  You can customize the length, deciding how many times you want to wrap them around your body.


5 – Button front

This seems a little difficult, but if you’ve ever installed a button band, you can add your own to a skirt.  You’ll need to cut your front skirt and waistband in half, but don’t forget to add in seam allowances to the new center pieces first!  Then you can draft button bands for each side and attach them.  If you really love math, you can add enough to one side to fold it over like ~professional~ patterns do, but that seems like a lot of work to me…


I’m  so excited to jump into this pattern this month.  Last month’s felt like a flop for me, and I’m looking forward to trying something new.  Plus, I think the weather is going to start being consistently nice, which is always great.

Will this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment be a versatile one in your wardrobe?  Are you planning anything fun for it?