Taking Outfit Photos as a Sewing Blogger

It’s getting nice around here, y’all.  And now that there’s some sunshine and warmer temps, I’m thinking about branching out!  And by branching out, I mean taking photos in places that aren’t various rooms in my parents’ house or their backyard.  Not that I don’t love those — but hey, why not try some other locations?  That got me thinking about outfit photos as a sewing blogger.  I see so many great photos in beautiful locations.  But I wondered, how did people take those photos?  And did they take more than one post’s worth of photos at a time?  So, as one answers all of life’s pressing questions, I reached out on social media.  Man, did you guys come through!  And a recurring part of those responses was that people wondered how other people took their outfit photos.  Well good news!  Today, we’re talking about those different techniques.

How We Take Outfit Photos

Sara from The Sara Project

Sara says she will take multiple posts worth of outfits at the same time, up to three!  She changes in the car.  Editor’s note — I’m so happy Sara replied to this because her gorgeous backgrounds (especially those prairies) are so inspiring to me!  There are a bunch of green spaces/forest preserves that I plan on hitting up soon.

Lara from Handmade by Lara Liz

Lara usually takes her outfit photos on Sundays, and the number she takes depends on her upcoming posts.  Lucky her, since she has a courtyard outside her building and can run in and change!  Like a lot of us, Lara says she gets a little nervous trying out new locations, wondering what people think.  I get awkward enough thinking my parents or neighbors might think it’s odd, let alone strangers!   That’s something I’m going to work on overcoming this summer.

Lara’s husband takes the photos for her (3-5 minutes per outfit!  Dang girl!) and is “threatening to unionize.”  This was only made worse after he overheard Allie J’s technique for shooting outfits…

Allie from Allie J

…because Allie has worked out perhaps the most ingenious system for outfit photos!  She’s reported back that she usually takes them on her way to do other things in her handmade outfits.  Plus, her husband gets a beer per outfit shot!  I’m really glad my boyfriend didn’t hear that since he would definitely force me to adhere to that.  Meg and Molly, if you’re reading this — I owe you some beers… <3 you!

Kat from Kat Klebenow

Okay, Kat has such a good hierarchy for outfit photos.  Level one is small stuff, which gets shot in the backyard.  Level two is moderately important, which gets shot in a nearby park.  Since it’s just a quick walk from her house she can go home to change quickly.  Then level three is the big stuff, when she uses a nature and beach area across the city.  She’s not opposed to changing in her car or a public bathroom for those, and who could argue when there’s gorgeous scenery to be had!  Kat’s also worked out a great system wither her photographer, aka her partner.  When they head across the city, they have a picnic at the nature area!  If my boyfriend offered wine, bread, and cheese on a beach in exchange for a photo shoot, I’d definitely do it for him…

Plus, when Kat went to Hawaii, she changed between two swimsuits in a rental car for the photo op!  Kat, I think you get the gold medal for dedication here.

Lara from Lara Ours

Lovely Lara says that she tries to take more than one post’s worth at a time, since a friend of hers takes the photos for her.  She changes in the car and has a pro tip: a sheet in the windows will protect you from *ahem* curious viewers.

Sara from Sara Made That

Sara usually just takes one outfit at a time.  She’ll do them someplace close to home, or on the way to an outing.  She uses a camera with a timer to take them.

Tiahna from Ammon Lane

As the mom of a baby and a toddler(!), Tiahna says that most of her photos happen last minute and not necessarily someplace special.  But the last time she took them, she planned ahead and brought two outfits!  She’s all the more impressive because she brings her kids to her shoots with her.  I give a lot of props to moms who manage to get out of their PJs in the morning, let alone manage to find the time to take blog photos.

Jenny from Ms. Jenny Homemaker

According to Jenny, changing in the car is “not fun,” which is what I was afraid of hearing… She and her fiance usually find a spot to take her photos on the way to do something else, and just do one outfit at a time.  She says it’s more authentic and less stressful if it’s just a little thing they do and not a huge ordeal.  I also love her backgrounds, and was so happy she revealed them!  Her mainstays are her city hall and a local tire place, and her Briar was shot next to a Home Depot.  Just goes to show you anything can be glamorous if you try hard enough!

Erica from The Handmade Wardrobe

Erica also has a great way to get your photographer to do your bidding – breakfast!  She likes to take her photos early on a Sunday morning.  You get the good light, you get the good parking, and you get the good empty streets without people looking at you weird!  Then once you take your photos, off to a lovely brunch you go,

Rachel from Maker Style

Rachel is also an early-morning shooter, often just one Saturday a month.  She changes between several outfits at a time to maximize her time shooting!  If I were motivated enough to catch that early morning light, I totally would be doing the same thing.  She also returns to the same place each time, because it contributes to her feed aesthetic.  That’s a comment that makes me realize that Rachel is much more ~profesh~ than I am, because I am waaaaaay too lazy to cultivate an aesthetic…

Meghann from halfmoon ATELIER

Meghann, who lives on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, takes a lot of her photos using a wall just outside her kitchen door.  According to her, there’s bikes and a laundry machine out there, but that’s the magic of cropping, you guys!  She’ll take photos wherever she sees a nice white wall, but that’s mostly at home.

Claire from Penguin and Pear

Claire photographs as she goes along.  She also doesn’t blog every item, so no need to photograph them all!

Louise from Not Sew Simple

Louise also takes one photo at a time, due to limited photographer patience!  I know I’m pretty picky about my photos, so I can’t blame my photographers for getting antsy…

Sonja from Sewing A La Carte

Sonja takes photos as she’s finished, and somewhere around the house.  Since sewing is the way she relaxes, taking one garment’s photo at a time is low stress!

Anna-Jo from Anna-Jo Sews

Anna-Jo is lucky enough to have a lovely brick wall in her garden for a background.  Her fella (love that term!) takes them, or her 11 year old daughter.  She’s found that her iPhone pictures often come out better than the ones she takes on her DSLR!

Eve from the Creative Curator

Eve plans out her posts TWO MONTHS in advance.  That’s dedication, y’all!  She photographs a lot of the process, and tries to stick to the same device for consistency — either her iPhone or a DSL, both using a tripod.  While she’s only recently started taking photos of completed outfits, she’s got some excellent tips for us!   First, she tries to keep it silly in front of the camera to stay natural and fun!  Once she’s more comfortable taking photos of herself like this, she’ll look for backgrounds that compliment her outfits and her blog style.  I love that she’s a little goofy for her photos.  I try to do the same, because at least then someone walking by will think I’m intentionally weird, instead of just regular weird!

Okay friends, that’s all I’ve got!  Do you have a method that I missed here?

I hope that you found at least a few of these tips useful for you in the second half of Me-Made May.  Now, let’s get photographing!


  1. My chief photographer went off to university last autumn leaving me with the assistant who works long hours, I really must master the tripod!

    1. Oh no! I’ve made good friends with the timer on my phone camera lately!

  2. I’ll trade you some outfit shots for some vintage shots and then we can just drink a lot of beers anyway ?

  3. What a great round-up post about doing photo shoots.

    1. Thank you, Sonja!

  4. This post is great, som great tips. I am wondering to buy a mirrorless dslr for my birthdaymoney. So I am looking for a good camera with a remote option. I want to take more good photos and blog more, so maybe that is the kick I need.

    Also I wished my boyfirend wanted to take my photos, but when he do they are not good at all 😛

    1. A DSLR would be a great next step! Haha maybe you can teach your boyfriend when you get your new camera!

  5. Great tips and write up! I am also still learning to take photos outside and it is so nice to see what others are doing and what works for them. I am still trying to come up with a method that works for myself. I’ve done one outfit at a time, and multiple outfits at a time. I do not have a specific preference, but I did find that when I was shooting (ha!) multiple outfits my photos were so much better at the end. I seemed more relaxed and it definitely showed!
    I just got a cheap DSLR, which doesn’t have a remote (boo!) but I can use my phone as a remote and I can set it to take 10 photos as a time, so that works. I am also still learning my camera. Ugh! So hard.
    When I decided to venture outside for photos, I hopped into my car and just drove around my neighborhood. I knew what kind of look I wanted (industrial walls and such, little to no greenery) so as I was driving around I was looking for places to take photos. When I saw what I liked I snapped a photo with my phone for future reference. It’s surprising what you can find once you start looking!
    The only thing that is steady for me right now is my tripod. I do not have a trusty photographer, I am very picky and impatient. I do not want to explain angles and light to someone. Can’t they just get it?

    1. That’s such a good idea to take a photo for reference! Sometimes I show my “photographers” example photos that I want to recreate, but you’re right, it’d be much easier if they just got it! 😉

  6. This is exactly the type of tips I find the most useful! I have been wanting to get a little more adventurous with my photos. I usually try to wear the outfit I need pictures of during the day, and then, either in the morning before he goes to work or in the evening after he gets back, I’ll have my husband snap a few pictures. I hate changing my clothes. Once I have an outfit on, I don’t want to bother with something else. There are tons of lovely locations around where I live, I just haven’t gotten around to searching them out!

    1. Awesome, I’m so glad you found this to be helpful Emily! I totally feel you on the not wanting to change outfits, though. I’m planning to use this summer as an opportunity to try out lots of new photograph locations in my area!

  7. Thanks for the link up!

  8. Wow, I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one who uses a phone to take my pictures! I’m not alone 🙂

    1. No, you’re definitely not alone! ❤️

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