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Hey y’all!  Happy weekend!  You know I must be talking about something important today, because I don’t usually post on the weekend.  And I am!  Longtime readers and Instagram followers know how much I love the Orla Dress from my gal Sarah at French Navy.  I’ve made many variations of the dress — a flannel one, one in Rifle Paper Co. fabric, a chambray one, and even some stripey rayon versions!  In the past six months, these dresses have seen me through a lot of life moments, from dates to vacations to graduations.  I’m not the only one who loves this dress either!  It’s been a huge hit on Instagram, and my good friends Allie (@helloalliej), Rachel (@maker.style), and Anya (@anna.zoe.sewing) love it as well.  That’s why we’re so thrilled to be partnering with Ms. French Navy herself all through July to celebrate the Orla with An Orla Affair!

What Is An Orla Affair?

All month we’ll be sharing inspiration, hacks, and all kinds of Orla goodness.  There’s a (relatively) complete list of coming posts further down, which I’ll be updating throughout the month with anything that gets added.  I’ll also come back and add direct links to the posts when they go up, so keep checking in!  We want to encourage you to try out this gorgeous (free!) pattern for yourself, particularly since Sarah has just released a wonderful new pattern!

An Orla Affair isn’t just about us, though.  We want YOU to get in on the action!  Have you been meaning to make an Orla?  Now is the time!  If you’ve made or make an Orla dress in July, we want to see it, and you could win some awesome prizes.  Keep on reading for the ~official rules,~ but here’s the gist.  Post your Orla to Instagram with the hashtags #TheOrlaDress AND #AnOrlaAffair.  You can post them anytime in July starting tomorrow!  At the end of July, we’ll be picking some of our favorites to win amazing prizes!

What Can I Win from An Orla Affair?

Hoo boy, let me tell you!  We have been so lucky to partner with a ton of amazing fabric stores to celebrate An Orla Affair!  Thanks to the generosity of so many people, we’re offering SIX prizes!

The Prizes

Each bullet point represents a different winner.  All of the winners will also get a copy of Sarah’s newest pattern!  Anything with a dollar sign is in US dollars, so adjust accordingly, international buds.  You can click on the link or the logo to be taken to a sponsor’s site!


These prizes may be updated throughout the month as well, so keep a lookout!  (ps: if you’d like to get in on sponsoring An Orla Affair, please feel free to DM me on Instagram — just comment on a photo so I know you have — or email me at hello @ maddiemadethis.com.)

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An Orla Affair Blog Schedule

1 July: Introduction posts at allie J., MakerStyle, and MaddieMadeThis

3 July: Fitting the Orla on allie J.

5 July: The Orla Dress Sewalong on Maker Style

6 July: Customization Inspiration on MaddieMadeThis

7 July: Drafting facings and in-seam pockets on Anna-Zoe

8 July: A sleeveless Orla on Anna-Zoe

10 July: An Eyelet Orla on allie J.

13 July: Embroidery patterns for the Orla on MaddieMadeThis

17 July: A Preppy Orla on allie J.

19 July: Boatneck, V-Back, and Button Back Orla Hacks on MakerStyle

18 July: Orla shift dress on Anna-Zoe

20 July: Lace Up Front Orla Hack on MaddieMadeThis

24 July: A Vintage Orla on allie J.

31 July: An Orla Roundup on allie J. and MaddieMadeThis

3 August: The Orla Affair winners annoucement on allie J. and MaddieMadeThis!

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Wait, What Are The Orla Affair’s Official Rules?

I am so glad you asked!  This giveaway is open to sewists across the world — but you must be above the age of 18 to enter.  It is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram (or any social media channel where this information is shared) in any way.  I’ll also be posting this section of this post as a separate post for ~extra officiality.~

To enter, post a photo of your Orla Dress to Instagram between July 2nd and July 31st, 2017.  Add the hashtags #theorladress and #anorlaaffair.  The contest begins at 12:01 AM and ends at midnight Central Time (US) on those days, respectively.  The contest is open to anyone with an open account.  Sorry, private people!  We totally get it, but we can’t see or share your gorgeous Orlas on a locked account.  We will announce the winners on August 3rd via blog posts and Instagram!

You’re welcome to post as many photos of your Orlas as you like, but you only get one entry per dress.  25 photos of the same dress = 1 entry.  25 photos of a green Orla and 25 photos of a blue Orla = 2 entries.

You don’t need to make a new Orla to enter the giveaway, but we’d sure love it if you did!  We want to encourage you to make the Orla block your own, and hopefully you’ll find the inspiration to do so in our posts.  That being said, please try and keep to the basic silhouette of an Orla: the fitted top and a gathered waist.  And again — a new Orla isn’t a requirement for the Orla Affair, new dresses are just fun.

You don’t have to follow any of us to be eligible, nor do you have to follow our sponsors — however, we’d really appreciate if you showed them a little love!  They’ve all been so generous, and we can’t say how grateful we are for that.

There are no cash alternatives to these prizes, nor substitutions.  Winners are responsible for customs and shipping fees.  Accounts used solely for giveaways are ineligible for these prizes, and the hosts and sponsors reserve the right to alter prizes, timelines, or other elements of the event at their discretion.

Okay — that’s it!  We’re so excited for An Orla Affair, and we eagerly await all your gorgeous dresses!



  1. This sounds great! Maybe I’ll finally make my first garment. Do you think I could leave out the zip if I used a jersey fabric?

    1. This is such a great garment to start with! Very simple, and Rachel from Maker Style will have a sewalong next week. I do think you could leave the zip out, but confirm that your fabric will be stretchy enough to get over your head and shoulders. Maybe also include some clear elastic in the waistband to stabilize it as well!

  2. Can’t wait to get started. I’ve never seen this dress before and so glad it’s been brought to my attention ☺ thanks for organising.

    1. I hope you’ll join us, Emma! Although the Orla is always a solid choice no matter the timing… 🙂

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