Hey everybody!  This is just a quick life update post that was a little too long for Instagram.  Blog form it is!

A lot of you know I graduated from my masters programs this spring, and I’ve been on the hunt for a job.  Well, good news — the hunt is over!

I’ll be moving from Chicago to St. Louis at the beginning of August before I start my new job on the 7th.  I’m incredibly thrilled with this position, as it’s such a perfect fit for me!  I’ll be an associate archivist in the archives of a large Catholic religious order for the US and Canada.  Much of my background is in religious archives, so I’m looking forward to continuing this work.

I’ll be in St. Louis soon to look at apartments, and moving officially soon after.  I’m looking in the Central West End and Downtown areas, if you’re in St. Louis/are familiar with the area.  I’d love to know your favorite fabric shops, and maybe meet up with fellow sewers in the city once I’m settled in!

I may also be doing a quick destash of patterns (big 4) and fabric before I go.  It depends on the amount of time I have (which is looking like none…), and my packing motivation!  Let me know if that’s something you find interesting, and also if you’ve done a destash and found it to be worthwhile.

I’m so excited to be starting this next phase in my life — send me good thoughts and all your favorite St. Louis things to do!

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