Normally my first post in a new month is about what I’d like to sew that month.  But since I have a couple long-term projects going on this month and I haven’t exactly been sticking to my list anyways, I figured I’d give myself a little leeway and think seasonally!  I love seasons, but fall might be my favorite.  The changing leaves, the cooler weather, people not looking at you like you’re insane when you’re drinking hot coffee constantly (🙋🏼) … I love it!  So I’m really excited to share my fall sewing plans with you today.  Inspiration images are linked in the text below, either to their vendor or my Pin!

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My Fall Sewing Plans

Project #SewMyStyle Plans

1 – the Yona Wrap Coat

I am so excited to make this coat, y’all.  I am on a hunt for the perfect oversized blazer, and I haven’t found it yet.  The Yona could definitely be in the running with a few adaptations.  One thing I’m not super enthused about is the raglan sleeves.  I just can’t wrap my brain around them!  They’ve always come out fine for me, but it’s hard for me to visualize how they come together in the moment.  A midweight transitional coat will be the perfect addition to my fall sewing and my handmade wardrobe.

2 – the Cali Faye Hampshire Trouser

Pants are def on my list of wardrobe needs, and I’ve been looking forward to making these for basically the whole year.  Hopefully by then, I’ll have figured out all my weird crotch issues and they’ll be smoooooooooth sailing.

Tops and Sweaters

1 – Warm cardigans/pullovers

Fun fact – archival material has to be kept pretty cold to be safe.  And since I work in an archives that doesn’t have great climate control right now, I am constantly chilly.  For example: coming out of the office this summer and getting in my car would cause my glasses to fog up.  We’re moving to a new building in October or November that should be waaaaaaay more comfortable than our current one, but my guess is that it’ll still be cold.  So, fall sewing = warm cardigans it is!

Y’all know I love a Driftless Cardigan, and I’m thinking about adding some Blackwood cardigans and Astoria sweaters to the mix.  But what I really need is warm fabrics to use!  So if you have any recommendations for fabric or fabric stores that carry good sweater fabric, let me know in the comments.  I ain’t messing around with that Hatchi sweater knit, guys, I want the real deal!

2 – The aforementioned blazer

While both my current and my past work environments were “business casual,” my new job is a little more business, a little less casual.  I’m realizing that my officewear look is definitely menswear inspired, and I love it.  If you’re into this like I am, there’s some inspiration in the “My Style” board on my Pinterest!  A blazer that looks deliberately oversized and not poorly tailored is my DREAM right now — and if it’s an easy pattern that doesn’t require a lot of actual coatmaking/tailoring skills, that’s even better!  Do you have a favorite blazer pattern?

3 – A few work blouses

I want a few more tops that reflect my menswear look.  I have some silky fabric in black and white (the same fabric I used for my blue lace up Orla) that I think I’m going to make into short sleeved Archers or a Blaire top.  Anyone have a favorite simple and unfussy blouse pattern they love?



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Yes, I have been saying this for months.  Yes, I intend to do it!  I have the Ginger pattern cut out and I have the fabric for it, but I haven’t been brave enough to prioritize it.  But one of the things I’ve been working on for Sew Your Hart Out is denim(!) and I think it’s knocked the scared out of me.  All I have to do is a muslin now and I think I can tackle it.  By the way, do you add rivets to your jeans?  I’m worried mine won’t look RTW without them, but I really don’t want to hammer in rivets in my apartment… But I live in jeans after work and on a casual Friday (and the three weeks when we move buildings, I expect), so they are a fall sewing must.

2 – Work pants

I’ve been experimenting with a few patterns to add to my work pants wardrobe.  My requirements are that they’re comfy, fitted but not as tight as my jeans, and a sturdy fabric.  I’ve been using the SOI Ultimate Trousers and have nearly worked out all my fit issues, and I think I solved my Chi-Town Chinos issue!  Hopefully the Hampshire Trousers work out for me too, and then I’ll have three go-to trouser patterns to really beef up my wardrobe.


1 – A trench coat

I have a perfect vision of this trench coat and — don’t laugh at me — it’s from the tv show Pretty Little Liars.  A friend of mine and I binged this after my breakup earlier this summer.  Basically, I want all of Spencer’s wardrobe in their “five years after” lives!  I love how drapey this trench is, plus the color is to die for.  I was contemplating the Luzerne trench for this, but I’m not sure how well it’d stand up to a lighter fabric and I’m envisioning this in something as light as rayon.  It’d be a great transitional piece, and I think I’d get more use out of it here than I would have in Chicago.

2 – Kelly anoraks

Is anyone surprised by this?  I’m obsessed with my gray Kelly, and it’s easily one of the most-worn handmade items in my closet.  I have the fabric and the plans for two more: one in a fab rose gold material, and the other in a staple olive twill.  I also plan to line the olive one — maybe in a red-based plaid?  But then, do I want to match plaids?  The answer is usually no…


1 – Christmas presents!

It’s never too early to get working on Christmas gifts, is it?  I already have some plans for what people will get, so I should take advantage of having time now and get them done!  No pictures because some of you guys read the blog (except my mom.  Thanks, Mom…)

2 – Work aprons

A lot of my job is pulling down big boxes or looking through brittle files or moving dusty artwork.  It definitely gets messy.  Luckily none of my workwear is too precious, but I do want some aprons to protect some of my stuff.  Once we get into our new building, we’ll have much more room to work in.  I only see my job getting messier!  Ideally I would have a couple different styles of aprons: I really love the crossback Japanese aprons with big pockets, and I could definitely use something like an artist’s smock as well.  Now I need to find some patterns…

Okay.  That fall sewing list looks a little overwhelming when you lay it out like that.  But, I have confidence I can tackle all… most… some of it!  What’s on your fall sewing list?  Do you have any advice or pattern suggestions for me?