need a little holiday sewing inspiration? I have a ton for you! >>

2017 Holiday Style

Hey friends!  Happy December — and to those in the Northern Hemisphere, happy winter!  This is about the time in the season where I do a little fashion trend report.  It’s one of my favorite posts to write.  Researching trends, finding pattern dupes, and suggesting fabric is so fun!  This time I’m focusing in a little holiday style.  All these images, plus more, are available on my Winter 2017-2018 trends Pinterest board!  The outfits link back to that board, while the patterns and fabric link to the sources.  Now: let’s talk holiday style!

PS — I used the new “sections” feature on Pinterest to arrange this board — what do you guys think?!  I’ve wanted this feature for-ev-er on my personal Pinterest.  I’m interested to see how I’ll use it now that it’s actually here!

need a little holiday sewing inspiration?  I have a ton for you!  >>

Holiday Style


To me, the winter season means a lot of rich and warm jewel tones, building on the palette that begins in fall.  There’s something innately cozy about burgundy and caramel, isn’t there?  Combining these deep shades with a wintry, frosty pastel can be such a winning combination!  The colors above come from this pin, and are a great foundation for a lot of winter outfits.

Plaid Coats

inspo / pattern / fabric

One of these days, I will make a giant, cozy plaid wool coat.  Until then, though, I will continue lusting after them on Pinterest.  I loved the Yona Wrap Coat I made earlier this fall, and it would be so cozy lengthened and tied with a belt in this yummy plaid!

Velvet dresses

wrap inspo / wrap pattern / fabric / skater inspo / skater pattern

I’ve been dying to make a velvet dress since this time last year.  I’m still waiting for the perfect shade of dusty pink velvet!  I love both the simple skater style of dress, as well as a chic wrap dress for this season.  Try the Stasia Dress for the first look, or the Highlands Wrap Dress for the second!

Embroidered embellishment

pattern / inspo / fabric

I’ve been talking about embroidered embellishment all year, and no, I am not tired of it.  It’s such a luxe detail, and one that is a labor of love if you’re doing it by hand!  It’s difficult to find embroidered (or faux-embroidered) fabric ready to sew, though.  I think a fun brocade is a good stand in, in that case.  A Fringe dress is a gorgeous palette for a brocade or embroidered fabric.  The simple, feminine silhouette really lets the print shine.

Moody Florals

inspo / fabric / pattern

I’m really excited to see this trend continuing from the fall, because moody florals are my jam.  There’s something about them that seems so delicate and chic, and yet a little tough at the same time.  Every time I think about dresses in this style, I think about my Moneta dress — it’s a great canvas for a floral, and super comfy in a knit.

Cozy jackets

pattern / fabric / inspo

Yes, I know, two coats in one post.  But a leather jacket over a sparkly outfit is such a cute look!  The newest Style Arc pattern, the Carly Aviator, is at the top of my list to make (tied for first with about a dozen other things…).

Sparkly Style

pattern / inspo / fabric

Uh, HELLO.  To me, a holiday outfit just isn’t a holiday outfit without a little sparkle!  A party is the best excuse to break out the sequins and the shine.  How amazing would a sequined Ogden cami be paired with some leather Virginia leggings????

The holidays are such a fun time of year — not least because you get to come up with a ton of fun outfits!  All this month I’ll be sharing holiday outfits past and present, from coats to dresses to entire looks.  It’s going to be super fun, and I can’t wait to share the first one with you on Thursday!  Do you have any special holiday sewing plans for yourself?

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