About Me

Queen of Selfies

Hey there!  I’m Maddie, and you’re you, and I’m excited you’re here!

About Me

After years of following along on sewing blogs and keeping an eye on (not even following!) sewing Instagrams, I worked the nerve up to make myself a sewing Instagram in May 2016.  Looking back, it’s funny how nervous I was to make the account — would people follow me?  Would people like my style?  Would my pictures be good enough?  Would my sewing be good enough?  It turns out, there was no reason for me to be worried.  Making that account keeps me inspired and accountable, and has introduced me to some great brands, patterns, and people!

When I made the account, I actually checked to make sure that this domain name was still available, thinking that what I’d really like to do is write a blog about my projects.  Well, life happened and that fell by the wayside.  Then one night, after a little bit of wine, I decided NOW was the best possible time to buy the domain name, and start planning some posts!  Well, there’s no time like the present, right…?

Aaaaaaaaanyways, here I am, writing this intro page, and planning out blog posts.  Just like my main intention for my Instagram, I’m hoping to use this as a way to track my work and progress, and if some people end up liking what I’m doing and following along, that’s great!  Maybe that person is you!

I love to contribute to #sewingtall on Instagram.  If I make an adjustment to a pattern, I’ll let you know in the post and I’ll eventually create a category for those on my “Things I’ve Made” page as well.  For your reference, I’m 5′ 11″ and allllll arms and legs.  In RTW, I’m usually a S top and a 0/2 pant with the longest possible inseam.  Still figuring out how that translates to Big 4 patterns…

Non-Sewing Fun

When I’m not holed up in front of my sewing machine, I’m probably in a library.  I have a Master of Library and Information Science and a Master of Arts in Public History.  If you’re interested in what I have to say about librarianship or public history (or want to hire me…), you can check me out at madelinemcdermott.com.  If you’re curious, I’ve worked in archives for years, mostly in art cataloging and exhibition and in collections processing, and I also love working a reference desk.  I’m interested in information literacy, embedded librarianship, and social media marketing and outreach for academic and public libraries.