Announcing the Winners of An Orla Affair!

Wow, you guys.  An Orla Affair has come to an end, and I gotta say — this was such a fun month!  When I first made the Orla Dress in December, I knew it was a pattern that would be a staple for me.  Throughout July, I saw so many posts from people saying something

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Lace Front Dress Hack >>

How to Add a Lace Front to the Orla

I’ll admit it: I wasn’t sold on the lace up trend at first.  I’m not one to shy away from less-covering items or anything, I just thought it was vaguely… piratey.  Like, a bad Pirates of the Caribbean ride, piratey.  Since then, I’ve seen a lot of really great renditions of the lace front.  I

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Embroidery for your Orla >>

Embroidery Options for the Orla Dress

We’re almost halfway through July, and almost halfway through An Orla Affair!  If you’re new to this, go check out this link — this month long competition is something you’re not gonna want to miss!  We’ve also had a ton of AMAZING posts on the Orla from my co-sponsors.  That link in the first sentence has

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Eleven Fantastic Variations for the Orla Dress

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my first post for an Orla Affair!  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out the intro post here.  I’m so excited to be devoting an entire month to this dress.  I mean, at this point, if you don’t know of my love for the Orla, you must be

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Welcome to An Orla Affair!

Hey y’all!  Happy weekend!  You know I must be talking about something important today, because I don’t usually post on the weekend.  And I am!  Longtime readers and Instagram followers know how much I love the Orla Dress from my gal Sarah at French Navy.  I’ve made many variations of the dress — a flannel

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An Orla Affair: Official Rules

Learn more about An Orla Affair’s Official Rules here! This giveaway is open to sewists across the world — but you must be above the age of 18 to enter.  It is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram (or any social media channel where this information is shared) in any way. To enter, post a

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