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My Perfect White Jeanne Tee Shirt >>

Sewing the perfect tee shirt is hard, isn’t it?  I can find tee shirts I love very easily in stores

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Hey friends, and welcome back to another installment of Sewing Blogger 101.  I’m really excited about today’s topic, since I

Hey there, me again!  I’m really excited for this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018 garment, the Marigold Jumpsuit and Trousers from Tilly and

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited to be this month’s leader for Project #SewMyStyle2018.  This month’s garment is the Marigold Jumpsuit

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I love Pinterest.  Like, loooooooove Pinterest.  A lazy Sunday morning pinning inspirational kitchens and outfits?  Yeah, that’s my kinda morning! 

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Hi friends, and welcome to a very tardy edition of Sewing Blogger 101.  Today’s topic is something a lot of

Hi friends, and welcome to the end of another month of Project #SewMyStyle2018! This month we worked on one of

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I know, I know — it seems crazy to be talking about another social media venue when it probably feels

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Curious about height adjustments for the Kalle Shirtdress? I got you covered! >>

By now it’s not a shocker that I luuuuuurve the Kalle shirtdress.  Like, totally love.  The fact that I had

Hey there, and welcome to the Style Maker Fabric Spring 2018 Blog Tour!  I’m really excited to share two projects