The Value of Blog Comments

What’s the thing you hear most about blog comments?  Probably to not read them, right?  And while that can be very true for some things (divisive news articles, lookin’ at you…), you want to create the opposite effect on your own blog!  There are two types of blogs I always read comments on: recipe blogs and sewing

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Today on Sewing Blogger 101: The Beginner's Guide to Copyright! >>

A Blogger’s Intro to Copyright

I like to think that I know a little more about copyright than your average bear.  One reason for that is because bears aren’t governed by the laws of man, and they’re therefore unconcerned with things as silly as intellectual property.  The other reason is because copyright influences both my day job and this blog. 

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The Joy Jacket is the perfect jacket for spring! >>

The Joy Jacket

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I could never be a minimalist.  I just have too much… stuff.  (Cue my mother, nodding vigorously in agreement.)  But I like to have all my books on hand!  Fun new recipes often require fun new cooking equipment!  And gosh darn it if I just don’t love a good jacket.  Kellys,

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In the market for an easy DIY black tie dress? McCalls 7683 is the winner and I'll tell you why! >>

Blue-Tie Dress McCalls 7683

I think I would really struggle if I worked from home.  On the weekends, the only thing that gets me out of sweats is a grocery trip.  How do you work from home folks ever get the motivation to put on something even resembling real pants?  The irony here is that I like feeling put together,

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Estelle Ponte Jacket Hacks

You guys, I am loving the Estelle Jacket, one of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018 options.  It’s a super easy make — you can do the whole thing in an afternoon, and I’ve got the sewalong to prove it.  Since it’s so simple, you could definitely make a bunch.  And if you’re making a bunch… why

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All you need to know about branding your sewing blog! >>

The Best of Branding

Branding.  ~Branding.~  It sounds really fancy, doesn’t it?  Like it conjures up images of someone famous who has their life together, sitting by a pool posting perfect images.  Or maybe that’s just me reeeeaaaaally wishing to be done with winter!  Well regardless — branding is an integral part of your social media presence.  It’s also

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Easy DIY Valentine's Day Banner >>

Valentine’s Day Banner

A few weeks ago I published a post talking about Valentine’s Day crafts.  Then I posted a poll in my Instagram stories asking if you liked Valentine’s Day.  A surprising amount of you said no!  I’ll admit, it seems odd to me, because why wouldn’t you love a holiday where you can buy boxes of chocolate with

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Ready to start your Estelle Ponte Jacket but feeling confused by the Style Arc directions? I have an Estelle Jacket sewalong for you! >>

Estelle Jacket Sewalong

Hi friends!  I’m really excited to be hosting a little Estelle Jacket sewalong, one of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle options and my first sewalong!  I loved making this jacket, and it’s super easy.  Knits are often recommended for beginners, and honestly I disagree, which I mentioned in my Sunny post.  The Estelle, however, is the

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I'm talking all things hosting and platforms today in #SewingBlogger101! >>

Take the Plunge: Starting a Blog

I decided to start a blog about seven months after I made my Instagram.  This was a purposeful delay.  First, it gave me enough time to realize I could commit to blogging regularly, since I was already committing to making new things for Instagram.  Second, it helped me create a ready audience for my posts.  I

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