An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

Fabulous DIY Faux Fur Coat

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, I’m bringing two of my favorite makes from last year to the blog.  I meant to write these pieces up last year as some of my first blog posts (can you believe it’s already been almost a year?!?!).  But in the craziness that is the post-holiday period, they

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Do you need the perfect gift for the crafty maker in your life? I've got 20 perfect suggestions!

20 Perfect Presents for Makers

Okay y’all.  I’ve given you ideas about small crafts that you could make for other people.  I’ve told you what books to buy for everyone (including yourself!).  And today?  Well, today I’m giving you a post full of presents to put on your own list!  Yes, forward this post to anyone and everyone who might

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Need to find a book for someone on your gift list this holiday season? I have a suggestion for everyone! >>

Books for Everyone On Your List

Excuse this departure from your regularly scheduled sewing programming — but after all, I’m a librarian!  The holiday season is the perfect time to gift books: who doesn’t want to curl up with a good read in front of a roaring fire after a good dinner?  But sometimes, choosing the perfect book is harder than

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Need a craft to make a long car trip (or family reunion) manageable? Check out this post for tons of suggestions!

Traveling Crafts

‘Tis the season to be traveling! If you can’t bring your sewing machine along with you to wherever you’re going (🙋🏼), today I’m sharing a bunch of handheld crafts you can take anywhere!  Now is a great time to get small crafts going so that you don’t have to rush closer to the holidays, or

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This mock neck dress is perfect for Thanksgiving! Check out how I made it here >>

Thanksgiving Dress of Dreams

Every year in mid-October, I start thinking about what I want to wear for the holidays.  It’s a tall order, since we tend to celebrate a lot of them!  It all kicks off with Thanksgiving.  Then it’s Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day, my birthday, New Year’s Eve, and then oftentimes we celebrate the Feast of

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Being comfy at work has never been so easy -- check out my post for how to make a pair of professional looking pants that feel like pajamas! >>

Stretch Ultimate Trousers

Last week I posted about my first-ever pair of Ultimate Trousers.  I really wanted to hear others’ experiences with them.  A lot of the reviews I read said they were easy to fit, and that was not my situation.  And honestly, the responses were split.  Some folks said their Ultimate Trousers fit great right out of the

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The SOI Ultimate Trousers could be the perfect addition to your work wardrobe! Check out how I made these easy #diy pants in my blog post >>

My First SOI Ultimate Trousers

Okay, y’all.  You’d better appreciate today’s post, because I had to interrupt my second watch-through of Stranger Things 2 to write it!  Seriously, I’m obsessed, and I am definitely in love with Steve.  No spoilers, but I didn’t love his character last season and this season he melted my heart!  Anyways, why you’re really here

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Kalle Tunic >>

Silky Print Kalle Tunics

Did you guys see that a brand new expansion pack for the Kalle Shirtdress came out yesterday?!?!?! I’ve been thinking for months that I would love to add sleeves to some fall Kalles.  I’m so excited to get to making some amazing plaid shirts — maybe.  If I feel like plaid matching, that is.  In

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The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

It’s Time for Cozy Pants

It’s been hard not to wear my flannel Lola pants every day.  My extreme need for cozy pants this fall has been based on a few things.  One, I work in an archive.  That means my office is constantly, like, 62 degrees to make sure our materials are stable, and that is so cold, y’all. 

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DIY Wall Hangings >>

DIY Yarn Wall Hangings

I’m kind of on a wall hanging kick over here.  It’s taken me a long time to really set up my living room.  Just as I finished unpacking all the boxes in it, our service elevator broke.  After a few weeks, it was finally fixed, so I finally ordered my sofa and had it delivered! 

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