Toaster Sweater 2 Inspiration

The first pattern from Project #SewMyStyle is the Toaster Sweater 2.  Now, if you’re like me, sometimes you look at a pattern and you know exactly what you want your finished project to look like.  But sometimes you need a little help visualizing what might work for your wardrobe.  Part of what I love about this year-long project is that it challenges me to make pieces work for me that I wouldn’t normally choose.  Getting to that stage sometimes takes a little external help, though.  Enter: the Toaster Sweater 2 Inspiration post!

Other Sewists:

Even though the Toaster Sweater is a relatively new pattern, there’s already a fair number of posts about it on the interwebs.  Pinterest and Instagram are the first places I go to look for inspiration, and luckily there’s already a fair number of completed sweaters for me to stare lovingly at.  Here’s three of my favorites:

I love Beth’s classic Breton stripe sweater.  It’s adorably nautical, and looks like a great transitional weight.  She’s another #sewingtall lady, so I’ll be referencing her adjustments when I cut out my own sweater.

The way that Sarah stitched up this Toaster 2 is just so cute!  I really like that she used a lightweight knit with the seams on the outside.  It looks like the kind of layering piece I’d wear skiing.  You know — assuming I actually skiied…

This Toaster hack is super cute!  I think it would feel super luxe in a cozy scuba knit.  The cropped sleeves would make it easy to layer, and I like the length she has.

RTW Inspiration:

I’m super into windowpane prints right now.  The fabric I bought for my Toaster is actually very similar to this pin, and it’s a cushy terry.  I can’t wait to cut into it and see how this pattern fits me!

This blue-green color is one of my favorites. I’m a serial pattern repeater, but I haven’t figured out if I’ll be making multiple Toasters. If I do, I could definitely see myself making another one in this color for sure.

The zipper details on the sides of this sweater are so super cute! I haven’t decided yet if I’d like to add some to my sweater tails yet, but I think they level up the edge on this top. Some exposed metal zips would be really neat, and you could still keep the high/low hem of the basic sweater.

So there you go: six adorable different options for the Toaster Sweater 2, ready for you to make into your own!  If you still need some more ideas, I have a whole pinboard of visual inspiration for you.  What are your plans for your own Toaster 2?

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