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Find some Saunio Cardigan inspiration!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I’ve got a whole bunch of Saunio Cardigan inspiration today for the second month of Project #SewMyStyle.

If you saw my post last week about my sewing to-do list for this month, you know that this month’s project is a challenge for me.  I’m not really sure how to make the cardigan work for me and my style without kind of dramatically changing its look.  The fabric requirement is also odd to me: a thick and sturdy yet stretchy knit.  And there’s not a whole lot of completed projects on Instagram or in the blogosphere.

So, I’ve pulled together the best of what Pinterest has to offer.  Let’s take a look!

Fun Prints

Because the Saunio has a unique and minimalist shape, it’s a great canvas to experiment with some fun prints.  Pretty and bright embroidery-inspired prints are always popular in spring.  If you find a nice stretch knit that fits this description, the Saunio could be a great fit for it!  Bonus points if this print features paisley or other boho elements: the 70s are still in.  Another sweet style is fabric that looks like tiles.

Several major fabric designers have fabric that is tile or 70s inspired, but unfortunately they’re mostly sold in woven substrates.  Riley Blake Chatsworth Tile, Cotton + Steel Bluebird Tiles or Mesa, and Michael Miller Valencia all have cotton prints out in cute tile-inspired designs.  You can also find a lot of fabrics on by searching “tiles” or “boho.”  Again, you won’t get exactly the weight of fabric Named Clothing recommends, but you have more options, since Spoonflower lets you select the type you’d like to buy.  You’re also supporting independent artists!


At the opposite spectrum of bright prints is boucle.  If you’re not sure what boucle is, it’s the textured and loopy knit used in a lot of suit sets from the 1950s and 60s.  The Saunio’s silhouette is kind of reminiscent of those women’s suit jackets.  If you love vintage clothing (or are headed to a Jackie Kennedy costume party), a boucle Saunio could be a great fit for you!

Some, but not all, boucle knits have some moderate mechanical stretch.  If you want a boucle Saunio, aim for fabric with that stretch.  Still, the finished measurements of the Saunio indicate a very blousy look to the front.  Even if you can’t find a stretch boucle, you may be able to make the cardigan work.  You may need to size up in the sleeves to ensure you’re able to move.  This is pretty easily done by grading out the armscye and sleeve.

Color Blocking

The Saunio could be a great opportunity to experiment with color blocking.  You could do the sleeves in another color, or one of the front sides.  That’s actually what I’m thinking of doing for my own Saunio.  I’m contemplating doing the sleeves in stretchy faux leather and the body in an olive stretch knit.  This would move the cardigan more towards the jacket (clacket?) end of things, which would be something that fits into my wardrobe.

I love that this sweater looks like it has cozy textured sleeves.  A waffle knit would be a nice visual contrast, even if you choose not to color block.

Adding Closures

The last Saunio idea I have for you today is actually another one I’m thinking of adding to my own.  Adding a closure to the cardigan isn’t all that difficult.  Depending on the weight of your fabric, it may actually be beneficial, too!  There’s a couple of different styles.  You could do buttons, of course.  Depending on how much your front sides overlap, you could actually do two rows of buttons.  That on a boucle suit would definitely get you a prize at a Mad Men themed party!  You could also do a zipper as well.  Based on how your front sits on your body, the Saunio could be a great time for you to experiment with an exposed zipper.

A third closure option, and the one I’m leaning towards is a shoulder closure.  Many asymmetrical cardigans have a shoulder button that pulls the front side all the way across the wearer.  If you like this style, you may have to do some redrafting of the side you want in front.  It may need to be more trapezoidal to be pulled nicely up to the shoulder and still be parallel with the rest of the hem.  Another cool option would be fashion closures like frog or tab buckles or other fashion buckles.  Again, you may need to do a little drafting to make this work for you, but I think it’d be worth it.

There you go, folks: a whole page of Saunio Cardigan inspiration!  Remember, if you need some more, I have a Pinterest board full of it.  Do you have any special plans for your Saunio?

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