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Moneta Party!

Moneta Dress >> MaddieMadeThis.comOkay, remember when I said I wasn’t a huge knit dress fan?  Yeah.  I think I changed my mind.  Thank youuuuu, Moneta dress.  So what triggered this amazing transformation?   Let’s talk deets.

Cutting the Moneta Dress

Honestly, the #1 factor in my love for my Moneta may be the fabric.  Once upon a time, I thought all jersey fabric was basically the same.  You know, soft-ish, with some drape, and surprisingly heavy when you gather a bunch of it into a skirt.  Basic stuff.  But this Moneta dress is made from ~double brushed poly based jersey~ from Finch Fabrics, and I’d like to transition my entire wardrobe to this material.  Seriously, it’s so nice and soft and I want to wear it all the time.

I am a PDF person — it’s the instant gratification.  So I love a pattern that’s easy to assemble (lookin’ at you, Saunio).  The Moneta dress pattern is, unsurprisingly, super simple.  Bodice, sleeves, skirt, boom.  Not even a neck band, for version 3 at least. Looooooove it.

Moneta Dress >>

I did make a few #sewingtall adjustments when I was cutting out the pattern.  I lengthened the skirt by 6 inches, to start off.  It now hits just below my knee — very work-appropriate, but in the future I would cut it down to 4 for work and 2 for funsies.  I also put an inch into the sleeves to make sure they were elbow length.  I wish they were more like 3/4 length, so adding 4-5 inches would have made that happen.  I did not do any bodice adjustments.  The skirt hits about 3/4 of an inch below my natural waist.  It looks fine, but if I really wanted that perfect fit, I’d shorten the bodice a bit.  Surprise, right?  A tall girl shortening a bodice!

Moneta Dress >>

Sewing the Moneta Dress

I did the entire Moneta dress using my twin needle.  I don’t have a serger, and in the pMoneta Dress >> MaddieMadeThis.comast I’ve done knits with a zig zag and a single needle.  But I just recently rediscovered my twin needle and I am loving it.  I was excited when I realized that I could do the whole dress without changing my needle!


The dress comes together super quickly – it’s that no neck binding thing I talked about earlier.  It’s a really satisfying sew for an afternoon! But there are two changes I would make going forward.  The first, and most important to me, is changing how the skirt is done.  The pattern calls for clear elastic, and honestly, I hate clear elastic.  No matter what I do, somehow it ends up rubbing against my skin and pinching me.  I’d much rather just gather the skirt and attach it that way.  It takes just moderately more time, and it’s a much more comfortable finish for me.  I would also add a neck binding in the future.  Folding it over works fine, I just feel like I get a cleaner, flatter finish with a binding.

Moneta Dress >> MaddieMadeThis.comSummary

Yardage needed: for version 3, minimally 2 1/2 yards.

Level: Beginner — a great starter piece!

Time: approximately 2 hours.

General modifications: Exchanging out the waistband and neckline finishes, depending on your preference.

#SewingTall modifications: 4-6″ into the skirt, at least 1″ into the sleeves.


  1. So adorable. Great fabric choice, and the cut looks wonderful on you.

    1. Thanks, Rhonda!

  2. I love how your dress turned out! This is one of my favorite patterns now, and I lengthened the skirt too. That fabric is lovely 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kelsey!

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