My March To-Sew List

Oh man, you guys.  February was a doozy.  I know that it’s a shorter month than all the rest, but this year it felt really short, you know?  I managed to technically squeeze in all the things that were on my list to make for the month, but I definitely didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to.  That’s okay, though!  I’ll just throw them on this month’s list again 😉  Anywho, let’s just jump into the list!

Definitely on the March To-Sew List

1 – Virginia Leggings for Project #SewMyStyle

Uh, you guys.  I am so freakin’ excited for this month’s Sew My Style.  I basically live in leggings when I’m not at work, but all mine end about four inches above my ankle.  I’m super psyched about making some that actually fit!  I definitely have a styling idea in mind, but don’t worry — I’ll have a whole post of inspiration for you on Friday.

2 – Chi-Town Chinos for the (last!) Social Sew.

Chi-Town Chinos were on my list for February and I just didn’t get to them.  I really need some work pants though, so these are a definite make for this month.  I know I’ll need to do some work to get the fit just right, because I definitely have a specific look in mind.  I’m oddly looking forward to the opportunity to do some of the nitty-gritty adjustments to get that perfect fit.  Is there a pant that is tailored but also easy to mini golf in?  Because mini-golfing is a real thing that I do at work…

3 – The Kelly Anorak

I jumped on the Kelly Anorak train super fast when it came out.  Literally three days before I had been admiring someone’s similar jacket on the L on my way to class.  I got derailed, though, by the 3D pockets on the front.  Heather has since come out with a tutorial for those pockets, but by that time it was too cold for the jacket so I put it on hold.  Since Chicago has been enjoying some great spring weather, I’m hoping it stays warm enough to validate me finishing the coat!  I also have some ideas for another version, so we’ll see if it comes to fruition.

Aspirational March-To Sew List


Honestly, I think undergarments are going to be on my to-sew lists for the next few months.  I still haven’t touched my lace from Artecrafts in January, let alone what I ordered from MintFrog last month.  Undies and bras are such an easy, quick sew, though.  They’re great for when I want a quick project to get done when I’m feeling stuck on something big.  I’m hoping to gradually transition a lot of my RTW lingerie drawer to things I’ve made.

Do we have any overlaps on our March to-sew lists?  And since Allie is putting the Social Sew on hold, who has some other themed garment sewing linkups they love?  I like the small amount of guidance they give each month, but I’m not sure whether I want to jump into a new linkup just yet…  Let me know in the comments if you have a linkup you love (or a linkup you host!).

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