Seven Great Ideas for your Virginia Leggings

The Virginia Leggings are definitely one of the patterns that got me sold on Project #SewMyStyle.  Like I said earlier this week, I love leggings.  But being so tall means that even “tall” leggings often don’t actually fit me.  I’ve looked in every store and on every site I know, and I’m currently making do with American Eagle leggings.  That’s why I’m so excited to tackle leggings.  I have an idea of what I’d like to do for mine, but in case you don’t, let’s talk some Virginia leggings inspiration!  Click on any of the photos to be taken to their original pin, if that’s your jam.

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So Easy Anyone Can Do It

1 – A unique color

Basic black and gray for leggings is a great option, but going another color route can make your leggings pretty versatile.  Maroon, olive, and navy could be great under a tunic or dress for work, depending on your office culture.  And if you’re feeling neat, white leggings would be super cute to transition into spring!

2 – A fun print

Do you love LulaRoe leggings?  They have some pretty insane patterns, like hamburgers and crazy prints.  Unfortunately, those prints can be hard to find (or so I have been told), and they only have two sizes that they offer.  You can use the Virginia to make your own version of LulaRoe leggings, and you can be sure that they fit you!  How awesome is this galaxy print?  I think these toucans are pretty hilarious, too.


Maybe a Little Harder

3 – Add lettering

Many RTW leggings have added details in vinyl, like slogans or designs.  These leggings can be pretty expensive, though (*ahem*, Victoria’s Secret).  Heat-transfer vinyl lets you customize your leggings even more.  Do you really need a pair of leggings with “Runner” across the butt? Heat-transfer vinyl.  Do you want a swirly detail on your left thigh?  Heat-transfer vinyl.  Do you want a motivational word or short saying down the side of your leg?  Heat-transfer vinyl.  You can get iron-on letters at lots of craft stores, and if you have access to a cut machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can get even crazier with the fonts and sizes.  If you’re lucky, maybe your local library has one!

How cool are these moons?

4 – Throw in some pockets

Apparently, some people wear leggings to exercise.  I cannot confirm this rumor, not being a real “exerciser” myself.  But I would guess that people who wear their leggings to work out might like a pocket or two to stash… exercise stuff… in.  You could add in some patch pockets to the front or back of the leggings, or make a tiny pocket on the thigh or knee for things like a key or some cash.

Looking for a Challenge?

5 – Color block your leggings

If you’re up for a little pattern slashing, color blocking your Virginia leggings is a great way to personalize them.  I particularly like this pair with their tricolor scheme and angles.

6 – Add some mesh inserts

If you’re really into the athletic-chic look (or need some extra breeze-ability), mesh inserts are a great option.  You could put a pop of color into a seam, or design some neat cut outs.  This pink or orange power mesh definitely would make any pair of leggings seem ready for spring!

7 – Include some quilting or moto detailing

My favorite for last!  Moto jeans/leggings are so cute, but I’ve never been able to find ones that fit.  I think I’m going to hack my Virginia leggings to have some moto panels — assuming I can find good fabric to do that with.  I definitely want something a little thicker than your regular leggings fabric, so that the quilting detail holds up well.  I’m thinking either this black or gray ponte.  I like the black more, but I think that the quilting would show up better on the gray.  What do you guys think?  Here’s some examples of the work I’m thinking about doing on my leggings:

You guys, it was so hard to pull out seven ideas for your Virginia Leggings inspiration from my big whole Pinboard.  If none of these things are speaking to you, check it out!  I’ll be adding more ideas as March goes on, so give it a follow if you’d like to see more.  And if you’re really digging that board, you can always just follow me entirely!  I’ll have a new board for every Project #SewMyStyle garment, and I think my other inspiration boards are pretty awesome too.

Do you have any super awesome plans for your own Virginia leggings?  I’d love to hear about them!


  1. oh i love your idea of doing quilting on sections for a moto look! so clever.

    1. Thanks Allie! They’d be a great match for your awesome new jacket! 😉

  2. If you make the quilting leggings, please share how you do it! I love them.

    1. Yep! A tutorial will be coming next week – keep an eye on the blog or on any of my social media accounts to see when it’s posted!

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