Instagram Birthday Giveaway! >>

Happy Instagram Birthday to Me!

You guys.  One year ago today, I posted my first ever photo on Instagram.  I had just moved my sewing machine from my bedroom down to a corner of my parents’ basement.  My fabric was getting stacked up on the shelves next to decades of Playmobil toys.  And I really, really wanted to participate in Me-Made May.  Now, 12 months later, I’ve made 1,600 new friends, grown my skills, and really only added to my stash… and to celebrate, I’m hosting a Instagram birthday giveaway!

My Instagram Birthday Giveaway!

I am insanely excited about this, you guys.  It’s all I’ve been talking about for the last month.  I’m sure my family and friends are more than excited that it’s finally happening so I’ll shut up about it.  I just can’t help it!  It’s been an enlightening (and wonderful) experience to plan, and I can’t wait to hand out three fantastic prizes to one lucky winner.

Instagram Birthday Giveaway! >>

Yes, prizes!  Let’s talk about them.  Our winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to, for starters!  They ship within the US, and internationally as well.  This contest is open to anyone living in those countries.  You can find that list here.

I’m also giving away copies of my two all-time favorite patterns.  Beth from Sew DIY has generously donated a PDF copy of the Lou Box Top, and Jen and her friends from Grainline Studio are very kindly offering a PDF copy of the Driftless Cardigan as well!  I’ve made so many versions of both of these patterns, and I know you’ll love them too (if you don’t already).  Check back this week for posts on both of these guys!  The Lou will be up tomorrow, and the Driftless on Friday.

How to Enter!

Time for the nitty gritty details.  I’ve tried to include as many options for entering as possible! Each option is one entry.  You can enter using all of them or one of them or whatever you want — there’s even one you can do multiple times!

As an FYI, just clicking the link won’t actually enter you.  You do have to enter in your username/email in the field to complete the entry.  Plus, you don’t have to be a new follower, etc., to enter with any option!  Just enter in whatever name you follow me or the others under already and submit.  Pro tip: definitely enter with whatever you check the most frequently (email, Instagram, etc.). That way you can see right away if you win!

My Instagram birthday giveaway starts RIGHT NOW and will run until next Tuesday, May 23.  I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday in a blog post, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook!  I’m so excited, and I wish you the best of luck!

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