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The Maxine Panty

Maxine Panty >>

First things first: the giveaway winner!  Congratulations to Laura (@abundanceofthreads)!  I’ll be sending you an email in a few hours with information on how you’ll receive your prizes.

Now on to more good stuff: today we’re talking about the newest Evie la Luve DIY pattern, the Maxine Panty!  I love my me-made underwear collection.  It’s small, but it’s growing!  And it’s such a nice feeling to know that you’ve got that extra hidden self-made garment on.  I was super excited when Hannah put out a pattern tester call late last month because I needed a kick in the ass to make some more lingerie for myself.  I was so excited to be chosen — it was my first ever pattern testing experience! (But I am working on another super exciting pattern test right now!)  I think the Maxine is such a great pattern, and I really think you will too.  Bonus — the panty is FREE, and I think the suspender expansion is totally worth your $$$!

The Maxine Panty

Cutting out the Maxine

I made a straight size small for my first pair of Maxines.  My measurements made me think about whether I wanted a small or a medium, but I’m glad I took the chance on the small.  The first pair (the black one) I made with no changes.  After that round, I decided to take about 3/4″ of the back rise at the center.  They were bunching up a little at the small of my back.  It was more of an aesthetic decision than a fit decision, though.

In the past, I’ve had to adjust the front crotch in pants, but not the back rise.  I don’t know if this back adjustment might be something I always need to make.  I’ve really only done the Chi-Town Chinos and I wouldn’t say they’re a high-rise pair of pants, and the Maxines are.  The second and third pairs were super smooth in the back and were made out of two different jerseys.  The lace and findings on the third pair are from Tailor Made Shop.

Maxine Panty >>

I like my scuba panties more than the jersey ones, which surprised me.  The scuba is two-way stretch, and the jersey is four-way.  Both are super comfortable, but I feel like the jersey ones are stretched out by the end of the day.  This could definitely just be the quality of the jersey.  But I definitely recommend scuba for this pattern (cut with the stretch horizontally), and in general for undergarments!  The extra structure can be great for keeping a post-taco night silhouette nice and neat if that’s something you’re into.

Sewing the Maxine

One awesome thing about lingerie is that it’s a quick sew.  They’re great sew-jo inspiring projects, since you end up with a finished garment so fast!  The Maxines are definitely no exception.  Especially if you’re leaving off a suspender belt, you can go from fabric to undie in like an hour.  Hannah’s directions are super clear, especially with the addition of some extra description for the suspender belts (originally they were just numbered which I found confusing).  Plus her booklet is gorgeous, and includes a super cute shopping list page!  You can bet I filled that sucker out and then promptly forgot it at home when I went fabric shopping.

Maxine Panty >>

I like to use a microtex needle for lingerie, and this project was no exception.  I don’t usually use it when sewing knits, but I swear my machine can tell when I’m sewing undies and not like a sweater or whatever.  Between a regular needle, a jersey needle, and the microtex needle, the last one was definitely the best.

There are no hidden surprises in this pattern — just three gorgeous belt options and the usual difficulties in sewing lingerie.  If you’re new to this world, this pattern is a great place to start!  My biggest tip is to go slow when you’re sewing your lace together, or it’ll get caught in your machine, and you do NOT want to waste your lace.


Yardage needed: A fat quarter of knit fabric, plus additional fabric or lace for a belt.  I got a quarter of a yard at 60″ WOF, and there was left over to cut out a bralette and still have scraps!

Level: Beginner

Time: approximately 1 hour

General modifications: Subtracted 3/4″ from back center

#SewingTall modifications: None!  Unless that back center adjustment is one and I just don’t know it yet.

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