The Ogden Cami >>

The Ogden Cami

After Me-Made May, I feel like there are definitely places I know I need to up my handmade wardrobe game.  Pants?  Need ’em.  Jean?  Gotta try sewing those.  But camis?  I got those down because I am in LOVE with the Ogden Cami from True Bias.  I made a bunch of them last month, and now they’re finally making it to the blog!

The Ogden Cami >>

The Ogden Cami

Cutting out the Ogden Cami

I cut out a size 4 in my Ogden camis.  It has a straight line to its sides, and although it fits nicely at the sides, the bust can be a little tight in some materials.  I’ve made it in a knit, a seersucker, some cottons, and some silky prints from JoAnns.  The silky prints tend to be the tightest, so while I don’t have plans for more Ogdens right now, I’d size up if I ever made another silky print one.

The Ogden Cami >>

Additionally, I did end up adding 2″ to the length on some of my later Ogdens, #sewingtall friends.  Again, the length can really depend on the substrate you’re using, but on the whole, I found that my camis were just a little too short.

Sewing the Ogden Cami

The Ogden cami sews up so quickly that you’ll be astounded!  It’s so easy — you just have the body pieces, the facings, and the straps.   The straps are actually my favorite part to do.  It seems crazy, but I love turning straps (I know, right?  Weird.), and it feels a little magical turning the whole cami right sides out when you’re done and seeing the straps.

The Ogden Cami >>

I can bust out an Ogden in an hour, maybe a little less if I’m really focused.  If you don’t have a serger, I do recommend that you take the extra time to do a French seam.  I hate finishing seams, but a nice French seam on this top makes it feel a little extra luxe.

The Ogden Cami >>

Now I know I literally just said I don’t have plans for more Ogdens right now, but maybe I changed my mind… I have a whole Pinterest board of Ogden inspiration that I just looked through again, and have so many ideas!  I’m super into the strappy look right now — it’d be so easy to make some more straps and do a double one across the shoulder, or crisscross them across the front and back.  Plus, you could use my ruffled Lou Box Top hack to add a ruffle to the Ogden!  The lingerie as everyday wear look is also hot right now.  It’d be so easy to add a lace edge to the Ogden, or to add a gorgeous button front.  With a great base like this, the customization options are truly endless!

The Ogden Cami >>


Yardage needed: A yard of 60″ if you don’t mind squeezing!

Level: Beginner

Time: approximately 1 hour

General modifications: none

#SewingTall modifications: Add 2″ to length


  1. These look great! I actually just finished an ogden last night using your ruffle hack! 🙂

    1. OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE!!!!!!!!! I’ve been meaning to do one myself and just haven’t gotten around to it ?

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