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#SewMyStyle June: The Briar Tee

You guys.  June is done.  How did that happen????  This month flew by, especially as I was traveling a bit for job interviews and went to my first ever professional conference!  I also had a ton of fun working on my sewing projects this month, particularly this month’s Project #SewMyStyle garment.  Y’all, I am in love with Megan Nielsen’s Briar Tee, which is great after two months of flops.  I had such a good time making it, and I know you will too!

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The Briar Tee

Cutting out the Briar Tee

I made a size small in the Briar, and did the longer hem with short sleeves — perfect for Chicago’s muggy summer.  I left off the pocket, as I almost always do, because I am lazy.  The Briar Tee is a great shirt for warm weather, but I’m also envisioning it in a lightweight sweater knit in the fall and winter to go over dresses… I think it’d be adorable!

For my Briar, I used this black ponte de roma from  I’ll be honest and say I really didn’t know what to expect when I ordered it.  I’m still figuring out the differences between all the different types of fabric!  So I was a little surprised when it arrived and it had a little texture to it.  It’s also a little textured, and heavier than I expected.  For a minute I was concerned that I’d have to find another fabric for my Briar — I was envisioning something more tee shirty.  But I rolled with it and I’m so glad that I did!  It’s a super soft shirt, and the weight makes the high-low hem really crisp.  Plus, like I said in my freezer paper stencil tutorial, the texture made my moons look realistic, which I loved!

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One thing I might do in the future is lengthen the top.  Even though I made the longer version, the high part of the hem still hits pretty high.  Depending on what fabric you use, this could be an appropriate work shirt, but not how it currently hits me.  This shirt is currently on hanging out and yoga duty only!

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Sewing the Briar Tee

One thing you gotta love about a tee shirt is that they’re so quick to cut out and sew.  Seriously, why did I not figure this out sooner?  You go from pattern pieces to a finished garment in like 45 minutes!

I used my twin needle for the entire Briar, since I don’t have a serger or coverstitch machine (someday…).  The only problem I ran into was the neckband.  I did cut out the band, as opposed to the binding, but I think I cut it with the stretch going the wrong way.  The neckline puckered all along the seam, and looked awful, so I spent a while unpicking it — the downside of a twin needle!  When I was done with that, I didn’t really feel like fussing with another band, so I just turned the neckline under and sewed it down.  Not the most professional way to finish it, but I was impatient.  Plus, the shirt is black.  Who’s going to notice?!

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Overall, I really liked the Briar tee — two big wins for me from Megan Nielsen so far!  I don’t think I’ll be making any more tee shirt versions right now.  There are just so many other things on my list first!  But I can definitely see myself making a sweater version or two, and making more tee shirts in the future as well.  I think the Briar gets an A from me!

Did you love the Briar as much as I did?  I sure hope so.  If you haven’t made it yet and you’re on the fence, I definitely recommend it!  You can check out my post with six different ways to customize your Briar tee here.  If you make a Briar (or anything!) inspired by my suggestions, I want to see it!  Tag me on Instagram with @maddiemadethis or #maddiemadethis, or email it to me at hello @!  You could be reposted, or featured in a newsletter.  Speaking of newsletters… a new edition is coming this weekend!  Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to sign up.

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Yardage needed: between 1 and 2 yards

Level: beginner

Time: approximately 1 hour

General modifications: none

#SewingTall modifications: none this time — although some might want to add length to even the long version.


  1. I love your briar tee! I think the fabric was a perfect fit for it. Totally agree about the length — and even though I’m only 5’4 if I made a second one I’d want more length!

    1. I feel like the cropped one must be REAL cropped — which is good for a sweater, maybe, because you can wear it over a dress at least? But you don’t want to layer a tee shirt…

  2. Super cute Briar! I made the cropped version and it also ended up too short for me (to the point of exposing my bust when raising my arms) even though I’ve got a super short torso. Other than that, I think it’s a winner pattern!

    I also wanted to say that there’s a super fast way to unpick twin needle stitches, and that’s to seam rip the back side of the stitch where the zig-zags are. Ripping that single thread will release both sets of stitches in the front!

    1. You are a lifesaver! How did I not think of that?!?!?! This makes my twin needle so much more attractive 😉

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