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Five Things I’m Making in July

Okay, I know I say this, like, every month, but I cannot believe it is July.  I remember being four or five years old and feeling like time moved sooooooo slowly, and it really just gets crazy faster as you’re an adult.  But at the same time, it feels like ages ago that we made the Toaster Sweater for our first Project #SewMyStyle!  I’ve got a lot of great things on my plate this month, and I’m also working on critically evaluating just about eveything I own in the face of a probably-looming move.  (No, you didn’t miss an announcement — it’s just that none of my interviews have been in Chicago.)  I’m trying to scale back my sewing, just a little.  Let’s be honest, I haven’t really been hitting my goals, although I’m proud of the makes I’ve accomplished!  Just a lot of offroading from my list.  Plus, I have a big ol’ queue of things to be blogged!  Anywhooooooo… here’s what I’m making in July!

Five Things I’m Making in July

1 – Cali Faye Collections Valley Blouse

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So, my last Cali Faye make wasn’t such a hit for me (as many other people felt as well).  I’ll be frank and say I’m nervous about this make.  I was really excited about the Pocket Skirt and it was kind of a disappointment, and I’m also in love with the Valley Blouse, so I’m worried I’ll be in the same boat at the end of this month.  But I can see this blouse working for me so well, so cross your fingers for me.  Side note — does anyone else feel bad posting less than stellar experiences with patterns?  I know it’s so important to be honest, but at the same time I know how personal all these patterns are!

2 – A Jamie Bodysuit as a swimsuit

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In case you missed it, my boyfriend of over two years broke up with me in May.  It was a tough breakup for me, and it also made me realize what a negative place I’ve been in.  I have a past with depression and anxiety, and I found I was slipping back into that place.  (Gee, this is some honesty hour for you all today!)  One thing that has really helped me through both these issues is just loving on myself.  The Jamie as a bodysuit is going to be an exercise in self-loving for me, and I can’t wait to hit up the beach with my friends before maybe having to leave!

3 – An Orla Dress

Y’all!  Did you see my announcement about An Orla Affair on Saturday?!  This month, Allie, Rachel, Sarah, Anya and I are hosting a celebration of everything that is the Orla dress.  You should know by now that this is one of my staple dresses, and a go-to when I’m having one of ~those~ days, as referenced in the above paragraph.  Head back and check out the whole announcement to see the schedule of posts, as well as all the benefits you’ll get from participating!

4 – Jeans

July To-Sew List >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Yes.  I said it.  Jeans.  I’m committing, and you all need to hold me to it!  I’m preeeeety sure I’ll be making the Ginger Jeans because I simply adored Sara’s and I have a similar denim in my stash already.  I just need to confirm that the stretch is right and then I’ll be jumping in… I also would LOVE to do the IndieSew “Sew Your Favorite Jeans” workshop someday because I’m saving a pair of well-loved jeans with holes in the ass to make a pattern out of.  Does anyone have any free time and/or $$$$ to lend me?  No?  Figured.

5 – Some kind of button front shirt

Now that I feel confident about my collar and yoke skills, I want to make all the button front shirts.  I have enough fabric for four or five at this point, but Maddie, you are scaling back your sewing goals.  I haven’t decided whether I’d like to do a Blaire shirt (left) or a short sleeved Archer (right) yet, but it’ll be one of those two.  Stay tuned to find out, I suppose…!

So that’s my list of all the things I’ll be making in July!  I’m genuinely excited about all five of these items, and can’t wait to get started on all of them, which is what I really should be doing now… so that’s what I’m going to do!  Catch you all later!

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  1. That looks like some nice projects to me! I’ll try to find the time to make an Orla dress too, it’s just too cute.
    I love and find it important that people are being honest about patterns. Sure it could be tough for the drafter, but no one is mean and offending, just honest. Maybe they learn something from it and do it better next time 🙂

    1. Please do, Minn, it’s such a great dress. Thanks for the encouragement on the honesty — I hope I’m never too harsh and my comments are useful to other sewists, at least!

  2. I hear you on feeling bad about negative reviews, but my favorite bloggers are the honest ones! I’ve steered aways from that designer because I made a couple of her children’s patterns and the instructions and construction were incredibly confusing and unnecessarily difficult. But I have a similar body type to you and I agree that that blouse shape looks so tempting! Hope it goes well and then I’ll know it’s worth making- ha!

    And I’m now wondering if I can add the Orla dress in with my July plans….

    1. Very interesting! I’ve only made her pocket skirt, and while I didn’t find the directions difficult, it did include odd design elements (a zip AND an elastic waist…?). I just got my fabric for it the other day, so I just need to trace off the pattern and then I’ll jump in! And while I totally feel you on the fitting in projects thing, I definitely encourage you to try and make the Orla this month! It’s really a super simple dress, the perfect afternoon project!

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