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Embroidery Options for the Orla Dress

We’re almost halfway through July, and almost halfway through An Orla Affair!  If you’re new to this, go check out this link — this month long competition is something you’re not gonna want to miss!  We’ve also had a ton of AMAZING posts on the Orla from my co-sponsors.  That link in the first sentence has a full list of those posts, and links to any that have been published already.  Go check it out!  And then come back here, where I’ll tell you about adding embroidery to your Orla.

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Embroidery for your Orla

Originally, I had planned for this to be a much more comprehensive post.  I envisioned patterns for hems, necklines, and bodices!  Sashiko embroidery and different florals!  But life has gotten a little busier lately, and I also ran into some issues in the design process.  Specifically, I wanted to make one repeatable pattern for you to use on the hem of your Orla, but it turns out there’s no way to make one pattern that fits on ALL of the skirts.  So instead, I’m sharing several small repeatable patterns today that you can combine and use however you want!

These small embroidery patterns can be used on a sleeve, a hem, a bodice edge… however you want!  And the fun thing is that no one will ever combine them exactly like you do, so they’re totally unique.  Each one has its length in centimeters and inches below.  All you have to do is measure the area you’re putting them on and combine them to make that length.

Embroidery for your Orla >> MaddieMadeThis.com

You can learn more about embroidery tools and transfer methods here, and some basic stitches here.  I’ve made notes about my recommended stitches next to the patterns, but you do you, bud.  I recommend doing your embroidery before you cut out and sew the dress because I think it’s easier to get the fabric taut and in the right spot in the hoop then.  The smaller the hoop, the easier it’ll be to use already-sewed fabric, but it’ll also take longer.

Here’s a link to the downloadable file with the embroidery options!  I can’t wait to see how you guys choose to embroider your Orlas.  Is nothing speaking to you from that page?  No biggie.  I have a whole Pinboard of embroidery inspiration for you to check out and adapt to all your embroidery needs.

Don’t forget to enter your Orla in An Orla Affair!  The welcome post has all the details, but it’s so simple — just upload a photo of your Orla and use the hashtags #theorladress and #AnOrlaAffair.  And if you make one based off of any inspiration I’ve given you, I’d love to see it!  Just use #maddiemadethis, too, or tag me in it.

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