Four Things I’m Sewing in August

August is here, and so is my move to St. Louis!  I’m so excited to be starting something new, and I can’t wait to explore my new city.  Since I had to move on such short notice, some of my July sewing has fallen to the wayside.  I’m hoping to knock that out this month, and sew myself garments for this hot and humid weather.  Thank you to everyone who’s given me advice on places to live, stores and restaurants to explore, and fabrics to wear!  I really appreciate all the support.  Anyways, without further ado: my August to-sew list!

My August To-Sew List

1. Darling Ranges Dress

Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges dress is this month’s garment for Project #SewMyStyle.  I haven’t decided yet how I feel about this one.  Megan looks super cute in them whenever she posts them on Instagram, but I don’t know that shirtdresses are really my style… Hmm.

2.  Ginger Jeans

July To-Sew List >>

Ginger Jeans were on my July list, and I just didn’t get to them.  They’re traced, at least, but I definitely need to muslin them before I cut into my denim.  I want to make a high waisted pair, and I know they’ll be so cute!

3.  Kalle Shirtdresses

Okay, YES, maybe I have a Kalle problem.  But a lot of people have said rayon is a good fabric for humid and hot weather, and I happened to have bought a lot of it for Kalles!  So, I might as well use it, riiiiiiight?

4.  Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers

My quest for perfect pants is far from over.  I’m just picky, you know?  A lot of people suggested cropped pants or culottes when I asked about warm-weather workwear last month.  I’m not sure culottes are really my thing, but I can totally do cropped pants!  I think the Ultimate Trousers might be a great match for the pants of my dreams, and a great addition to my closet.

That’s it!  My sewing list is kind of small this month, but keep an eye out for a few things that aren’t on that list because I’m a pattern tester for them!  I move Saturday and I have the feeling I’ll need some time to settle in and unpack allllll that fabric.  Good thing I have a backlog of awesome stuff waiting to make it to the blog, so it’s an opportunity to get some of that out there.  What’s on your sewing list in August?


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