Seven Fun Things to do with a Darling Ranges Dress

This month’s Project #SewMyStyle challenge is Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges Dress.  This is a gorgeous and simple shirtdress with three views: two dresses and a shirt.  Although it’s gorgeous all on its own, today I’m sharing a few ways to personalize your Darling Ranges!

Customize Your Darling Ranges Dress

Fabric for the Darling Ranges Dress


I’m still super into wide-striped fabric, and I think the Darling Ranges dress is a great canvas for this look!  But I can totally see this dress or blouse in an engineer stripe as well.


It’s still DEFINITELY summer here in St. Louis — although I did get a nice cool weekend to move in on!  Gingham is such a sweet and simple summer fabric, and it would definitely shine in this simple pattern.

Abstract print fabric

I’ve always been drawn to a more abstract pattern — my watercolor-esque Lou Box Top is a fave!  There’s so much great abstract fabric out there right now, too.  This simple, modern silhouette is the perfect canavs for an equally modern fabric!

Hacking the Darling Ranges Dress


Okay, allow me to admit that I have never tackled piping.  I think you need a special foot, and it’s better if you make your own, and it’s just more than I’ve ever wanted to really deal with… but really you guys, the piping in this pin makes me feel like it’s not that crazy!  I feel like some piping along the hem and the neckline could really elevate this pattern to business casual.

Hidden placket

Speaking of things that elevate this dress, a hidden placket definitely falls in the same category!  Maybe I’m on a business casual bend because of my new office, but I definitely think a hidden placket is a relatively simple addition that takes this dress to the next level.


On the other hand, I totally envision a sleeveless Darling Ranges dress on an adorable picnic in the park!  I love the casual chambray sleeveless shirtdress look, and since St. Louis’s summer appears interminable (not that I’m complaining), I may have to add this to my rotation.  PS: this big button look? OB – SESSED.

Lace trim

One thing that’s been pretty clear this year is that the 90s are back.  Lingerie as everyday wear, chunky platforms, jelly shoes… if the Spice Girls could have a reunion we’d be in BUSINESS, folks.  I  love that this pin has a 90s feel with the daisy chain lace without screaming retro.  It’s just so fun!

Okay you guys, there you go: seven different ways to make your Darling Ranges dress perfect for you.  In case you need some more, though, I have you covered:  check out my Pinboard with all the ideas I talked about in this post and more!  And as always, I definitely want to see what you’ve made if you were inspired from something in this post or on my board.  Tag me on Instagram with #maddiemadethis or @maddiemadethis, or shoot me an email!  And don’t forget that it’s newsletter weekend, AKA the number one way I share things you tag me in.  Sign up to get the latest edition at the bottom of this page!


  1. Maddie, I liked the options you presented and was drawn to the piping trim. You don’t need a special foot. I’ve only used my zipper foot and it always works well. I buy piping, why make it too hard on myself? Especially since solid piping is so readily available in a wide range of colors.

    1. Good to know! The most I’ve thought about piping is on Carolyn Pajamas, and I think heather strongly recommends making your own. I may have to revisit it!

  2. I love these ideas!! I love finding good dress ideas that are nursing friendly.

    1. I don’t need nursing-friendly dresses, but I know tons of people do, so I love to share any I find!

  3. All the blues look really cool and summery! And piping is definetly something on to-learn list… 🙂

    1. I didn’t even realize the blue theme until I posted it! Must be a sign… 😉

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