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In Love with the Willow Bra

I knew the last week of July was going to be crazy.  I was packing, finishing up projects, and working on a pattern test.  But when Hannah emailed me asking if I wanted to test her new bralette, I just couldn’t say no!  I love her patterns, plus I knew a bra wouldn’t take up too much of my time.  I’m not at all surprised that I fell in LOVE with her new pattern, the Willow Bra.  It’s chic, sexy, and comfortable, plus it has the special distinction of being the last thing I sewed while living with my parents.  Jury’s still out on what will be the first thing I sew in my new apartment (when, oh when, will the chairs I ordered come?), so for now — read all about the Evie La Luve Willow Bra!

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Willow Bra >> MaddieMadeThis.com

The Willow Bra

Cutting out the Willow Bra

I cut out a small in the Willow Bra’s wraparound style.  The wraparound 100% sold me on this pattern — I’ve had a bra like that on my to-make list foreve!  Most of the Evie La Luve patterns I’ve sewn are bottoms, but I thought that from making the Jamie bodysuit/swimsuit (post coming Thursday!) that a size small would work.

I used some fabulous black mesh for the body of the bra, and rosy nude mesh for the lining.  I love love loved this combo, and I can’t wait to make another Willow in the reverse!  I ordered my fabric, plus the strapping, gunmetal rings and sliders, and the bikini clasp from TailorMade.  I cannot recommend her enough for beginner lingerie makers.  Her kits are to die for, and she has basically everything you could ever need in her shop!

Willow Bra >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Sewing the Willow Bra

I used my microtex needle for the Willow Bra.  Sometimes I use a regular needle, but for some reason my microtex cooperated that day.  This is such a quick bra, and Hannah’s gorgeous instructions walk you through every step.  I love how many photos she includes.  Even though I’ve sewn a couple lingerie pieces at this point, I still get a little nervous by the delicacy of everything.  Hannah’s instructions are great, and so clear!  I love how she tells you how to encase every seam, it makes the finished garment look super luxe and professional.

Willow Bra >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Since I made the bra, Hannah eliminated the back seam, and made a few other adjustments.  I found my small to be a little tooooo small, but this could be because my bust is wide-set and the cups were being pulled down.  In the future, I’ll raise the cup tops a bit, but I think this is a me-specific adjustment.

Willow Bra >> MaddieMadeThis.com

If you’re looking for a beginner bra that doesn’t look homemade, the Willow is definitely for you.  Even if you don’t need a beginner bra, you need the Willow.  It’s perfect for a comfy loungewear bra, or for those who have a little less to support as an everyday bra.  I can’t wait to make a few more!


Yardage needed: 1.5 yard main and lining, other lingerie items

Level: Beginner

Time: approximately 1.5 hours

General modifications: I’ll raise the cups next time

#SewingTall modifications: none!

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