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The Best Damn Yona Wrap Coat.


The Yona.

Look, Project #SewMyStyle has had some hits and some misses for me.  But let me tell you: the Yona lands soundly in the hit category.  Remember when I said this could be my perfect blazer pattern?  And that I had a plan for it that I loved?  Well it alllllll worked out, you guys, and I cannot wait to wear the shit out of this Yona.

It’s almost perfect — there are a few fit issues I need to tweak, but nothing major.  And once that’s all done, I definitely think the Yona could end up in my wardrobe in a few colors and styles!  AKA it could be all I ever dreamed it could be.  So what exactly is so perfect about the Yona?  Well, let me fill you in.

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The Yona Wrap Coat

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Cutting Out the Yona

Okay, if there’s one giant downside to this pattern, it’s that I DETEST tracing Named Clothing pattern PDFs.  Sometimes when I’m tracing other PDF patterns I think, “wouldn’t it be so nice if the pieces were layered and we saved paper?”  Then I remember every Named Clothing pattern I’ve ever traced and give a silent moment of thanks that more people don’t layer their PDFs.  They’re just tricky to follow, particularly when the black ink in your printer is printing kind of purply-blue for some reason?????

Anyways, once you get over the weird tracing, the Yona isn’t too bad.  It’s a lined jacket, and the lining is a separate PDF from the shell, which I like to help keep it straight for me.  The Yona is a raglan-sleeve blazer/coat, with a center seam in the back of the shell.  It also has a notched collar.

Yona Wrap Coat srcset=
> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”3024″ height=”4032″> true to form, my label is not centered.
My Yona is in this lightweight wool suiting from Mood.  In my mind it was more nubbly than it is in person — it has a pretty smooth hand on both sides.  It ended up being a good thing that it’s so light, though, seeing as it’s STILL IN THE 80S IN ST. LOUIS. Whyyyyyyyy???  I paired it with this rusty lining, and it’s a match made in heaven.  I was really impressed with the quality of this lining for its cost.  Sure, it started to shred after a while, but only at the end as I put the finishing touches on it all!  Finally, I cut the top collar out of this faux leather, since I had a ton of it left over from my Saunio.

Sewing the Yona

Okay, I definitely thought this was going to be a tough sew.  I’m not real into the whole hand-sewing-couture-techniques thing because I just ain’t got the time.  Good news, I guess, depending on how you look at it.  The Yona does not have a ton of that involved!
Yona Wrap Coat srcset=> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”4032″ height=”3024″>

The Yona comes together way faster than I thought it would, tbh.  I got the shell together in a late afternoon/evening, and the lining was done and inserted after a workday.  All in all, I’d say it’s maybe a day-long project if you started in the morning.  And I’m talking like 8 or 9, here, not 12 10, which is definitely always the time I’m ready to start sewing on a weekend.

Yona Wrap Coat srcset=> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”4032″ height=”3024″>

A big plus to the Yona is that the raglan sleeves are two-part, which makes them much easier for my reptile brain to figure out.  I think I just have a mental block with raglan sleeves, really, but these are not bad at all.  The only other tricky part for me was fitting the top collar into the facing, but it didn’t take me too long to realize you put the whole thing in that fabric sandwich.

Yona Wrap Coat srcset=> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”4032″ height=”3024″>

For my top collar, I layered the faux leather on top of the suiting and treated it as one piece.  The leather is too thin to really hold its shape without something underneath it, and I’m really pleased with how it sits now.

Yona Modifications

As per usual, I forgot that I am one million feet tall and did not make any pattern adjustments. Next time, I’ll add 3-4 inches to the sleeves and 2″ to the body of the jacket.  Should be simple enough!  I also might size up — I made a 4, but it’s not as oversized as I’d like.

Yona Wrap Coat srcset=> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”4032″ height=”3024″>

Finally, I left off the belt loops and belt.  I think I’ll add a buttonhole and button to the front than to ever wear it as a wrap coat.  You know, its intended function… I just think it’s really in a place where I could get away with wearing it as a layering piece and not as a jacket!

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Really I couldn’t be happier with my Yona.  I knew that this pattern had a lot of potential for me, and I’m happy to report it totally lived up to my dreams!  With a few more tweaks, I definitely see a few more of these becoming permanent residents in my closet.


Yardage needed: at least 2.5 yards for the shell and 2 for the lining.

Level: Advanced beginner

Time: approximately 8 hours

General modifications: Top collar

#SewingTall modifications: Add 3-4″ to sleeves and 2″ to coat body

Yona Wrap Coat srcset=> MaddieMadeThis.com” width=”3042″ height=”3013″>


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  1. This is gorgeous! The lining goes very well, I like the overall style a lot.

    1. Thank you! I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

  2. Hey there, Maddie! Sharp-looking Yona! I also sewed a Yona for Project #SewMyStyle.

    I was wondering… did you find the lining notches to be misplaced? I had a heckuva time getting the lining in the coat. I ended up with A TON of easing in the upper chest, which left me wanting for lining length at the bottom. I powered through, but I think there’s a drafting error in there, somewhere. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Thanks! I did not notice that particular issue, but I am also a mediocre pattern step follower at my best. If I had followed directions I may have run into that. The lining issue I had was having too much fabric across the width of the hem…

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