Halloween Embroidery Patterns

I love Halloween!  As a kid, I’d spend weeks dreaming up the perfect costume to wear.  My mom would break out our fall decorations and Halloween crafts of years past.  Then on Halloween we’d head out for hours of trick or treating, coming home to a big pot of chili.  Maybe I like Halloween so much because a fall color palette of warm earth and jewel tones is definitely a good one on me… But I also love the vaguely spooky, kind of retro, totally cute Halloween decor that’s so popular right now!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite Halloween embroidery patterns with you today.  Click the links above the photos to head right to the listing!

*some of the links on this page are affiliate links.  this means that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but doesn’t cost you anything!  I only share things I love and that I think you’ll love too.  affiliate links help me pay for hosting, fabric, and patterns.*

Halloween Embroidery Patterns

Palmistry Pattern

This palmistry pattern is one of my favorites!  I’ve made it twice, most recently in plain black.  Since Halloween often makes people a little more superstitious than usual, this palmistry hoop feels very appropriate.  But if you’re into seeing the future year-round, or vintage-style decor, you could keep this hoop up all the time!

Foliage Bat

Okay, how adorable is this bat?  I love the delicate scrollwork foliage inside the outline.  Even though ivy isn’t traditionally scary, I think it gives the bat a haunted house feeling.  (PS — this seller has really cute fabric pumpkins in her shop, too!)

Rose Skull

This rose skull is a nice adaptation of the sugar skull makeup and decorations that are popular right now without being a form of cultural appropriation.  I like that the rose pattern on the skull looks like cracks from a quick glance.  A murder is definitely spooky!

Bat Girl

No, not that bat girl — here’s another vintage-inspired pattern!  She looks like the villain in a b-roll horror movie from the 60s, or the cover of a pulp fiction novel.  AKA, I’m in love!

The Big One

Maybe you’re looking to combine lots of small Halloween elements into one scary scene.  Or maybe you want to make, like, a million Halloween embroideries!  This mega pack of Halloween embroidery pieces will let you customize to your heart’s content.  Halloween embroidery for everyone!

What do you think?  I can’t wait to add a few new embroidery hoops to my Halloween decor!  If you’re new to embroidery, check out my posts on tools and set up, as well as some basic stitches!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these- love the look of hand embroidery for decor too!

    1. If I had the time, my walls would be covered in hoops! Thanks for reading!

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