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DIY Yarn Wall Hangings

I’m kind of on a wall hanging kick over here.  It’s taken me a long time to really set up my living room.  Just as I finished unpacking all the boxes in it, our service elevator broke.  After a few weeks, it was finally fixed, so I finally ordered my sofa and had it delivered!  Now I need to figure out how to arrange all my furniture and where to hang decorations.  One thing I knew I wanted to include was some DIY wall hangings.  They’ve been all over my Pinterest feed, and I’m so excited to finally have a place where I can hang some up!

I was able to get the materials to make four DIY wall hangings for about $25 at my local JoAnn store, which makes these an ahhhmazing deal.  I’m sharing an insider tip for how I save tons of money at JoAnn at the end of the post, so be sure to read all the way through!  With the little tip I’ll share with you, you could be gifting everyone wall hangings this holiday season at a great price.

DIY Wall Hangings


  • 2 balls of yarn in your choice of color.  I used a Bernat Roving yarn, but also love the look of this Buttercream yarn in pale pink and gray
  • Pack of dowel rods
  • Gold rings (they’re sold in singles at my local JoAnn)

DIY Wall Hangings >>

Get Craftin’!

A DIY wall hanging is the perfect craft for a movie night or rainy afternoon.  It takes basically no thinking on your part, just two hands, a big piece of something sturdy, and a pair of scissors.

So, a big piece of something sturdy is admittedly not the clearest direction.  But you can really use whatever is convenient for you!  You’re going to wrap your yarn around it to make sure all your strands are the same length.  Cardboard is a great option.  I used a cookie sheet for mine.  The short end of my sheet is 14″ long (35 cm), and the long end is 17″ (44 cm).  My cookie sheets are pretty old, so I don’t know if they’re a standard size.

DIY Wall Hanging >>
my old cookie sheet in all its glory!

Wrap the yarn around whatever you’re using a few times, taking care to wrap it on your surface and not on itself.  Don’t pull it taut, but do make sure there’s not a ton of excess hanging off.  When you cut your strands, cut only one end of the loop (i.e., only at the bottom of your cookie sheet or whatever).

I found 12 wraps to be a good number for me: enough to easily cut through, but not so much that the tension or layers got to be too much to handle.

Big Knots Style

DIY Wall Hanging >>

I used the short end of my cookie sheet for this wall hanging.  Using 6 strands at a time, I made a lil pretzel knot.  Technically, this is a reverse larkshead knot, but lil pretzel is cuter!  Plus I think it helps you visualize the knot better.  This is the knot I used for all of my DIY wall hangings.

The number of pretzel knots you make is up to you.  It depends on the thickness of your yarn and the length of your dowel rod in addition to personal taste.  I liked eight on my dowel rod.  In the middle, I hung one of my gold hoops using the pink yarn and a regular knot.  I also attached my hanging yarn with a regular knot.  Lots of technical terms here today, folks!

Small Knots and Braids Style

DIY Wall Hanging >>

Again, I used the short end of a cookie sheet for this DIY wall hanging.  The strands are pretzel knotted individually.  About 1/4 and 3/4 of the way through, I used 3 strands of gray (looped around the long end of the cookie sheet) to do little braids.  This was a totally eyeballed measurement, but of course you could be more precise!

One of the braids is a regular braid, and the other is a fishtail.  I’m still not sure which one I like more.  I think I like the look of the fishtail, but the width of the regular braid.  Clearly they’re not bothering me too much as-is, though!  Tie off the ends with a little piece of yarn or a clear rubber band.

Color Mix Style

DIY Wall Hanging >>

I cut all of my strands around the long end of my cookie sheet for this one.  I made a pattern, using two strands for each knot.  Make two knots that had one of each color, and then one knot that just had one color.  Then repeat it, using the other color for the single color knot that time.  Easy peasy!  I used my other gold hoop for this DIY wall hanging.

DIY Wall Hanging >>

I haven’t finalized where I want these DIY wall hangings to go in my apartment.  But I do think their cuteness balances out the ugly smoke detector next to them right now!

Go Forth and Save

And last but not least — my tip for saving $$$ at JoAnn.  I’ve been a couponer there for years (thanks, Ms. Donna!), and you now get even better coupons in their app!  But last year I found a way to compound my savings with Ibotta.  This is not a sponsored post, I just love this method so much.

Ibotta is an app for iPhone and Android.  You create an account, and then have access to coupons and discounts from TONS of stores.  This includes Amazon, Target, Walmart, online retailers, my local grocery chains, and yes: JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.  All you have to do to get the coupons/discounts is answer 1-2 question surveys or watch quick videos.  Then you redeem the discounts by uploading a photo of your receipt.

As of this post, JoAnn has coupons for coloring books, candles, a few fabrics, and the same yarn I recommend for this project!  The biggest deal, though, is the 10% cash back!  After I use all my in-store coupons, I upload my receipt and reap even more benefits.  I have almost $60 in my account from a few months of basically only JoAnn uploads.

Try It Yourself!

If you want to try Ibotta, use my referral code!  If you download the app, enter in my code, and redeem an offer within 7 days, you get TEN WHOLE BONUS DOLLARS.  That’s, like, a yard of fabric!  Just enter in my code when you download the app: v2jfza.  It’s so easy, and believe me: if you shop at JoAnn with any frequency, you need this.

Okay, money saving spiel over!  If you make one of these DIY wall hangings, I’d love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram with #maddiemadethis or @maddiemadethis.  And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter!  I’ll be featuring some Instagram posts with the #millennialsewing tag, so if you’ve been waiting to use it, do it nooooowwwwww!

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