The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

It’s Time for Cozy Pants

It’s been hard not to wear my flannel Lola pants every day.  My extreme need for cozy pants this fall has been based on a few things.  One, I work in an archive.  That means my office is constantly, like, 62 degrees to make sure our materials are stable, and that is so cold, y’all.  Two, we’re moving at the beginning of next month.  Usually I’d layer up with tights and leggings, but I need that leg space to pack boxes and move pallets.  Three, I’m TALL.  I can’t buy my cozy pants!  And four, everyone needs cozy pants.  Literally.  Everyone.  Maybe that should be number one…

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The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

Flannel Lola Pants

Cutting Out the Lola Pants

My flannel Lola pants are the first Style Arc pattern I’ve made for myself.  I knew from experience that the instructions are definitely not as… robust, let’s say? as a lot of the indie patterns I use.  Or even Simplicity or McCalls for that matter.  I’m a big fan of “do what you want and figure it out as you go along,” and these pants aren’t necessarily difficult, I just think it’s worth knowing going in.

I used an amazing knit from JoAnn Fabrics for these pants.  It’s kind of a nubbly gray-black-white on the wrong side, which is what I initally thought the right side was like too.  I was definitely surprised when I pulled it out of the dryer and it has a great low-pile fleecy side, too!  The right side also has a subtle herringbone pattern to it, which I love.  I got enough of this fabric to make two pairs of pants, and I think for the next one I’ll make them wrong side out.

The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

These Lolas are cut in a size 12.  It’s definitely suuuuuuper roomy.  It’s not a huge deal, since you can make the waist any size since it’s elastic.  I think that overall, they’re a little larger than I’d really prefer.  Still, I’m leaning pretty heavily into menswear for work right now, and I think these pants fit that silhouette.  There’s a little stretch to the fabric, too, which doesn’t help.

I also added 5″ to the length, #sewingtall folks.  Technically, these are supposed to be 7/8th length.  I think mine are longer that that would really be, but I love the length.  It hits basically at my ankle bone, and I have a nice deep hem.

The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

Sewing the Lola Pants

Like I mentioned earlier, the directions for StyleArc patterns air on the side of underdescriptive rather than over.  It’s fine — these pants aren’t crazy hard to do.  The only tricky part are the pockets, as they’re meant to have zippers in them.  Myself, I don’t much see the point in zippers when they’re unnecessary.  I treated the pockets as inseam pockets and left it at that.  I can put up some pictures if people are interested.

Otherwise, this is a very fast and easy sew.  Don’t ignore interfacing the center of the waistband.  I didn’t on these because I was lazy.  You can see that the center piece really pulls (made worse by knit fabric, again).  I don’t really care because I mostly wear shirts bloused out if they’re tucked in.  If you’re more streamlined than I am the pulling will show.

The best kind of work pants are secret pajamas! Read all about my cozy flannel Lola Pants >>

My flannel Lola pants were definitely made quicker by their loose silhouette.  I have weird pants fitting issues.  Not having to fit a crotch meant I didn’t even try a muslin!

I really like these flannel Lolas, and I have a few more cut out in different fabric weights.  They’re an easy addition to my workwear wardrobe, and pretty versatile.  It’s a great sewing slump buster for more accomplished sewers, and a good intro to pants for adventurous beginners!

Do you like StyleArc patterns?  How about elastic waist pants?

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  1. I think those fit you exactly as they should. They look fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I have a few cut out in woven fabrics – I’m interested in seeing if I feel like I have the same fit concerns.

  2. Nice fitting pants! I have made a a few Style Arc patterns, not pants. I like their designs, sizing is still off for me and find depending on design that 10 or 12 fits best. I am short and so far able to find petite pants that fit so I don’t sew pants.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know that I nailed sizing in either of the patterns I’ve made by them. The struggle continues!

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