Need a craft to make a long car trip (or family reunion) manageable? Check out this post for tons of suggestions!

Traveling Crafts

‘Tis the season to be traveling! If you can’t bring your sewing machine along with you to wherever you’re going (🙋🏼), today I’m sharing a bunch of handheld crafts you can take anywhere!  Now is a great time to get small crafts going so that you don’t have to rush closer to the holidays, or so that you have a few finished ones for emergency gifts.  I’ve put together a list of some beautiful handheld crafts that are super easy to take with you wherever you go.  The list leans heavy into embroidery and cross stitch, but there’s plenty for everyone!  Additionally, I’ve tried to include crafts that cover different cultures and faith traditions, since so many people are celebrating holidays this time of year.

*some of the links on this page are affiliate links.  this means that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but doesn’t cost you anything!  I only share things I love and that I think you’ll love too.  affiliate links help me pay for hosting, fabric, and patterns.*

Need a craft to make a long car trip (or family reunion) manageable? Check out this post for tons of suggestions!

Crafts for Traveling


Looking for the perfect small craft to take on holiday trips? Check out my post full of suggestions! >> I’m a sucker for astrological-themed embroidery patterns.   This pattern from Thread Honey is hanging in my bedroom!

Looking for the perfect small craft to take on holiday trips? Check out my post full of suggestions! >>

This set of four space-themed patterns (for a GREAT price, btw) would be a cute addition to a kid’s bedroom, although I can definitely see myself making one for me, too!


And how amazing is this hair?  It would be perfect in a girl’s bedroom!

I always make wishes on eyelashes, how about you?  I’m a sucker for modern embroidery patterns with eye themes, so I definitely want to try this one out.

Totally in love with these adorable Christmas lights!  It would be so easy to adjust this pattern for a Stranger Things lover, too.

Are you a Hanukkah celebrant?  This cutie pie menorah definitely belongs on your wall.  If you’re into something more intricate, how about this floral-inspired menorah?

Wintry forest themed decor is always popular, and this deer is a perfect fit.

I love ugly Christmas sweaters — so bad they’re good!  This one isn’t ugly, just super cute.

Cross Stitch

Look at these gorgeous ladies in a Kwanzaa cross stitch!

This little bookmark is so sweet!  I bet you could make a couple for quick holiday presents.

I love this forest cross stitch!  A repeating pattern is great for a beginner.

Know any scientists who’d love a cross stitch?

If you have a cross-country trip, do I have a project for you… Stitch up the houses of Westeros!

The subway-style “in this house” signs were never my favorite, tbh.  But this little lady?  Yeah, this is going up on my wall for sure!

I have this giant set of Christmas and winter cross-stitches.  My goal is to someday have my act together enough to use them as gift tags!

This menorah reminds me of a tree of life, which I think is super appropriate!

Other Handicrafts

How gorgeous are these Beauty and the Beast doll patterns?  These would pair so nicely with a copy of the new version of the movie.

I love this pair of coffee cup and book ornaments.  I’d love to make small crafts like this one year to use as name tags for Christmas gifts!

Learning to weave is definitely on my craft bucket list.  This beginner loom looks like a great bargain and comes with all you need to make a wall hanging!

My mom is an amazing knitter.  Me?  Not so much.  But I recently picked it back up, and seeing these fair isle and tree hat patterns makes me want to stick with it!  And seriously you guys, how adorable is this Triceratops head?!

If I could crochet, I’d definitely already have a bobble scarf and a stripey sweater in my wardrobe.  Now is a totally rational time to pick up another craft, right?  Because I could also use about a million of these nesting bowls, too!


I love my kerchief girl needle minder, especially since I lose needles all the time!  And since I usually have multiple hoop projects going at once, I definitely need a Rifle Paper one… or a gnome one… or a Liberty one… or all of them… right?

I’ve also been in the market for some new thread snips.  These art deco ones are amazing.  I’ve also seen a bunch of animal scissors, like this stork, chicks and unicorns, and owls!

Well with that, I think you should be all set for all your small crafting needs.  Are you a multi-crafter, or do you just stick to sewing?

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