An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

Fabulous DIY Faux Fur Coat

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, I’m bringing two of my favorite makes from last year to the blog.  I meant to write these pieces up last year as some of my first blog posts (can you believe it’s already been almost a year?!?!).  But in the craziness that is the post-holiday period, they fell to the wayside.  Since I have a feeling they’ll make appearances again this year, I thought it was time to give them their time in the spotlight!  I’m starting this little throwback series with one of my all-time favorite garments: my suuuuuper luxurious DIY faux fur coat.

An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>


DIY Faux Fur Coat

Okay — first for a little background on this coat.  Sara at The Sara Project was one of my earliest sewing/girl crushes when I joined Instagram.  Her effortless boho style!  Her amazing Utah backgrounds!  Her insights on Maker Style!  And now — dang.  I can only hope to look as good as she does pregnant!  When I saw her DIY faux fur coat project with last year, I immediately had to replicate it.

Cutting Out my DIY Faux Fur Coat

When I say that I replicated Sara’s coat, I really mean replicate.  I used the same pattern and fabric that she did (sorry not sorry).  The fabric was a faux fox fur, which is unfortunately now sold out online.  However, there are still some gorgeous faux furs!  I love the look of sand fox fur, as well as this Siberian fox or wolf one.  Initially, I was put off by the cost of the fabric.  It seems like a lot, even though it’s waaaaaaay cheaper than a real fur coat, or even a RTW faux fur coat.  But these faux furs are super nice you guys.  I feel like there’s a lot of faux fur out there that you can tell is fake from a mile away, but not this!  Spend the extra money if you can and pick up the most realistic one you can find.

An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

I used the same pattern as Sara, McCalls 7257.  Mine is the shorter view, while Sara made the longer one.  I really love the look of a cropped fur coat, but on those cold winter nights I’m wishing I had a little more fur to cover my butt!  Still, I don’t think you can go wrong with either length.  I cut out a 12 to have extra room for layers.

Sewing my DIY Faux Fur Coat

Sara’s tutorial on how to cut and sew faux fur was KEY for my coat.  Since it was my first time working with it, I needed all the help I could get!  I think I did a pretty good job just cutting the backing, like Sara recommends.  Still, I was covered in faux fur by the end.  Make sure you have a vacuum and a lint roller handy!

An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

Overall, I found this a very easy pattern.  I had the whole coat finished in an afternoon, including cutting the faux fur!  Still, I’ve ended up returning to it to fix a few things.  One, I was kind of in a rush to finish, so the lining wasn’t very well sewn in some areas.  Two, and most important, I forgot to add length to the sleeves.  Come on, Maddie.  Luckily I had tons of faux fur leftover, so it was easy for me to recut the sleeves later on.  I added three inches to them and now they fit much better, #sewingtall friends.

An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

If you’re in search of an easy DIY faux fur coat for the holidays, this is it!  Between the quality fabric and Sara’s super helpful tips, this coat is an awesome cozy weekend afternoon project.  And although the outlay for the faux fur seems high, it’s a much better deal than a storebought coat!  I’d love to see your faux fur makes — tag me on Instagram with @maddiemadethis or #maddiemadethis.  And if you haven’t already checked out the #millennialsewing tag, you definitely should!  There’s seriously so much inspiring content in there.

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