The Sunny Dress >>

The Sunny Dress

Wait, January has come to an end already?!  This month just flew by, you guys.  I say that so much, though, are you tired of it?  Excitingly, the end of the month also means the unveiling of my Project #SewMyStyle2018 make!  January’s garment was the Sunny Dress from Friday Pattern Co., and it’s actually a pattern I’ve been wanting to make for a while.  It was so interesting to watch all our #SewMyStyle2018 participants make this first, since I (ahem) put off making it until late this month.  Are you in our Facebook group?  There’s so many amazing conversations going on over there — definitely join us if you’re sewing along with us!

The Sunny Dress >>

The Sunny Dress

Fabric and Sizing

The Sunny Dress is a knit tee shirt style dress, so you definitely want to make sure you get a knit fabric with some stretch!  I used a burgundy knit from JOANN.  Technically it may be a rib knit??? But the ribs are very wide, so it’s almost striped.  True to form, I put no effort into matching stripes or even ensuring that the stripes are centered on my body.  Lazy.  AF.  This is the fabric, although the red is no longer online, I think.  If you manage to find it in stores, pro tip: wash that shit with a color catcher.  I have several pairs of vaguely pink gym socks now…

The Sunny Dress >>

I made my dress in a small.  The size chart had me between a small and a medium.  I figured that the stretch in my fabric would make the small work, plus I SWEAR I’m going back to the gym soon.  It’s fine, but maybe a little on the tighter side.  I won’t say for sure I’d make a medium next time, but I would definitely pay attention to the weight and stretch of the fabric.  This fabric is a little thin, which doesn’t help with the tightness.

#SewingTall friends, I used the length of the largest size.  It’s maybe half an inch on the short side, but I don’t really care.  I wouldn’t wear this style of dress to work, so outside of that I’m usually not overly concerned with the length!

Sewing the Sunny Dress

I made this dress in a single episode of Psych.  Assembling the pattern to cutting the fabric to finishing the garment was maaaaaaybe two and a half hours.  Seriously, this is such a speed make!

The Sunny Dress >>

In my ideal world, I would have used my twin needle for this.  In my real world, I used a narrow zig zag.  I’m pretty sure I broke my twin needle before Christmas, because I have the case but can’t find the actual needle.  Oh no, an excuse to go to my local fabric shop…!

This pattern isn’t one for fancy finishes, which definitely adds to the speed but I know disappointed some of our #SewMyStyle2018 pals.  The neckband and hems are simply folded under and stitched down.  More advanced sewists may wish to use some neck bands and hem facings for a neater finish.

I’m not a huge advocate of knits for first time sewists because you do need the needles and the tension on machines is so important for the fabric.  But if you’re a confident woven beginner and looking to branch out to knits, the Sunny Dress is a great option!  Back, front, sleeves, boom.  And the dress and shirt views make this a very versatile pattern!

The Sunny Dress >>

I’m really glad I had a reason to make the Sunny Dress, since I’ve been meaning to make it for so long.  But I don’t think it’s at the top of my “make again” list.  I would only really wear the dress view in the summer.  I have a feeling I’ll be reevaluating my summer wardrobe in a few months, and I’m not convinced tee shirt dresses will have a big presence.  But if I do decide to make a few more, I’ll be returning to the Sunny Dress!

February and #SewMyStyle2018

The patterns for February are the By Hand London Rumana Jacket and the (recently added) Style Arc Estelle Ponte Jacket.  Sarah from LikeSewAmazing will be leading the Rumana charge, and you’ll find a few Estelle posts here too!  Keep an eye on the Project #SewMyStyle page here for links to all the posts.

How did you fare with the Sunny dress/top?  What pattern will you be making in February?

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