Estelle Ponte Jacket styling inspiration >>

Fabric and Styling for the Estelle Ponte Jacket

I’m definitely still riding a high from some amazing weather last month.  Give a girl a couple of days in the 60s and she’ll want to plan an entire spring wardrobe!  And one thing I really cannot resist is a good coat.  I wore my original Kelly basically every day last spring, and I’m excited to have a few others in the works right now.  It was so hard to decide which pattern I wanted to make for Project #SewMyStyle2018 this month!  Do I make the Rumana, a gorgeous and classic wool coat?  Or do I make the Estelle Ponte Jacket, perfect for the early spring weather we’re having?  In the end, I went with the Estelle — although I hope to come back to the Rumana in the fall!  Today I’m sharing some fabric options for the Estelle Ponte Jacket.  Check back next week for a sewalong, and later this month for hack options!

Estelle Ponte Jacket styling inspiration >>

Fabric and Styling for the Estelle Ponte Jacket


As per usual, I have a whole board of inspiration over on Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Estelle Ponte Jacket styling inspiration >>
top: left center right middle: left center right bottom: left center right

PS — if you’re working on the Rumana, I have a little board for that, too.  Be sure to follow me so that you can see all the inspiration I pin throughout the year!

Even though I’ll have a hack post later this month, there are a few things I would love to work into my Estelle.

  • You could easily draft out the collar to make a more dramatic waterfall.  You could angle the top portion of the front piece out, or add width throughout the whole pattern piece.
  • I really want to incorporate shoulder epaulets into my Estelle.  A good army-inspired jacket always has a place in my wardrobe, so they seem like a no-brainer.
  • I also really like how the sleeve tabs look on these waterfall jackets.  They seem like a great addition for those of us moving into warmer months to keep heavy ponte off our arms!


When I posted about my Estelle blogging plans in the #SewMyStyle2018 Faceboook group, someone posted about how they were wary of buying fabric online.  Friends: do not be afraid of buying fabric online!  I probably split my fabric purchases 50/50 between JOANN and a big online fabric retailer and smaller fabric stores.  I love my small fabric shops, but sometimes budgets and/or timelines are tight, you know?

Anyways, my point here is to reach out to small fabric stores and ask for assistance.  I remember listening to Rachel’s episode of Maker Style and learning that Harts Fabric will talk through your order with you!  One of the amazing things about indie fabric stores is that they often provide much better customer service than big box stores.  If you have a question about a fabric, I encourage you to DM/email/call them and see if it’ll work for your project.

Here’s some of my favorite fabric floating around the web for the Estelle:

I hope that if you’re stuck on the Estelle, you’ve found some inspiration or fabric leads!  Stay tuned for the sewalong next week — it’ll be all in one post, not separate ones for separate steps.  It should be up on Tuesday.  This is officially your last chance to ask me to include something special in the post.  I’ve already got lengthening/shortening on the list, as well as shoulder fitting.  Drop me a comment if you’d like to see something else!


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