A few weeks ago I published a post talking about Valentine’s Day crafts.  Then I posted a poll in my Instagram stories asking if you liked Valentine’s Day.  A surprising amount of you said no!  I’ll admit, it seems odd to me, because why wouldn’t you love a holiday where you can buy boxes of chocolate with puns on them?!  But you guys are redeeming yourselves with a request for a Valentine’s Day Banner!  It’s a super easy craft, and simple to personalize as well.  Let’s get cracking!

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Banner >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Valentine’s Day Banner


  • Dowel rod
  • 1 18×12″ sheet of felt (I used white)
  • 1 9×12″ sheet of felt (I used light pink)
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Fabric pen
  • Ideally a cutting mat and rotary cutter, and a sewing machine.

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Banner >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Make a Valentine’s Day Banner

  1. Trim down your large piece of felt to 13.5×10.
  2. Add the V to the bottom of your pennant.  I folded the felt in half and used the 30 degree line on my cutting mat.  If you don’t have a mat, find an angle that you like and use a straight edge to cut it and replicate on the other side!
  3. Fold over the top 1 1/2″ of the pennant and use a sewing machine or a straight stitch to create a channel for the dowel rod to hang in.
  4. Cut a heart out of your smaller sheet of felt.  I recommend cutting a paper pattern piece to make sure it’s even and that you like the size.  You can also use that to make sure your lettering is even!
  5. Using your fabric pen, write your phrase on your heart.  Scroll down to see some of my faves!
  6. Use the backstitch to stitch your letters onto the heart.  Then, center your heart on the pennant and use a quick straight stitch to attach the heart to the pennant.  Leave the top open to stuff with candy or other small treats if you want!
  7. Use more embroidery floss, yarn, or twine to make a hanger for the pennant and display!

Cute Phrases

  • Traditional conversation heart quotes: be mine, text me, xoxo, soul mate, true love, kiss me
  • Pop culture/Galentine’s Day: Netflix and chill, bae, on fleek, squad goals, yas queen, that’s what she said
  • Anti-Valentine’s Day: love stinks, you wish, no thanks
  • Lyrics: love you like xo, all of me loves all of you, I’m amazed by you, you’re my sweetheart, make you feel my love

See?  A Valentine’s Day Banner can be yours in an hour.  When I was younger, my mom would make us Valentine’s Day treat bags   candy, but also usually with a book or something to read.  I always loved the book (shocking that I became a librarian, right?), and I can’t wait to continue that tradition with my own kids someday.  What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give or receive?

Easy DIY Valentine's Day Banner >> MaddieMadeThis.com