Blog Post Ideas for Sewing Bloggers

You’ve got the Instagram, you’ve got the blog, and now… you’ve got nothing.  Nothing!  No ideas on what to write about.  Maybe you’re trying to beef up your blog and you want to post faster than you can sew.  Maybe your sewjo has mysteriously disappeared, but you want to keep posting consistently.  Or maybe the week ran away from you (or you got lazy!) and now you don’t have something finished to talk about.  Never fear!  I’ve got thirty great blog post ideas for sewists.

Blog Post Ideas

  1. The Seamstress Tag — my version was one of my first blog posts and a fun way to introduce yourself to readers!
  2. Fun facts your readers don’t know about you
  3. How you learned to sew
  4. A tour of your sewing space
  5. How you organize your stash (or if you don’t have one, why you don’t!)
  6. Plans to sew from your stash
  7. How you organize your patterns
  8. Do you listen to something or watch tv while you sew?  How about your top 5 or top 10 shows, movies, playlists, albums, podcasts, or whatever it is you do?
  9. All about your machine(s) — pros, cons, little quirks
  10. A sewing bucket list
  11. The first thing you ever made
  12. The worst thing you ever made
  13. Common fit adjustments you make — I know I love when #sewingtall bloggers include this, along with their height.  It makes it so much easier for me to get a feel for a new pattern before I sew it!
  14. Your favorite sewing tools
  15. Your favorite fabrics to sew with
  16. An intro to your style — silhouettes, colors, etc.
  17. Seasonal DIY ideas
  18. A guide to local fabric stores — wish I was lucky enough to have some fun local fashion fabric stores to write about!
  19. Your secret tip for making a difficult thing easier — do you have a trick for invisible zippers?  A quick fix for adjusting tension?  Share it!
  20. Ready-to-wear trends you’re loving
  21. How you get over a lack of motivation to sew
  22. One thing you’re scared to try sewing, and why
  23. Other bloggers who you love — especially if you sew in a certain niche and can share other bloggers who do the same!
  24. The sewing thing you struggle the most with
  25. Your favorite way to finish seams
  26. Tricks for sewing a difficult fabric
  27. How you use up scraps
  28. What you’ve learned in your sewing career
  29. Your favorite patterns or projects for beginner sewers
  30. Explaining different types of fabric or other tools.

Reading through this, I’m surprised to see how many things I’ve not written about!  Want to know my hack for always having a blog post in your back pocket?  Write ’em in bulk!  Especially posts like this, that aren’t dependent on you finishing a project.

If you have a lazy afternoon or a long trip, and you need something to do, try writing out five or ten of these blog post ideas.  Save them in your drafts, and then when you realize the night before you usually post that you have NOTHING, you can schedule one of these babies!  They can be used whenever, since they’re not seasonal.

There are some more blog post ideas over on my Pinterest board, but none are sewing-specific.  Still, you could definitely adapt some to be more sewing-oriented.  There’s also some blog post title builders — you fill in the blanks on popular blog post titles.  If you write posts using this list as inspiration, I’d love to see!  Send me an email or tag me in your social media promotions, and I’ll be sure to check it out.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I love your ideas.

  2. I was looking for a list like this, and your post exceeded what I was trying to find. Awesome ideas. Thanks so much!

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