A Simple LBD Lou Box Dress

I feel like a broken record, y’all, but life is crazy right now.  In case you missed it: the archives I work at moved from a teeny tiny building in November to a gorgeous new one.  We were bursting at the seams there, and our new place has soooo much room to work and grow.  To prepare for the move, we’ve been closed to researchers for almost a year.  We just didn’t have the space for folks to come in and work.  Plus, we were packing tons of our materials onto pallets for the moving trucks.  Time is almost up, though.  We reopen to researchers in about five weeks!  And to prepare for that reopening, we’ve been working super hard to get everything in order — plus, planning five or six opening events.  Cocktail hours, dinner parties, open houses, the whole shebang.  And for those kinds of things… well, a girl needs a new dress, right?  Preferably a cute-but-versatile little LBD.  Clearly, the only choice was to make the latest and greatest LBD, a Lou Box Dress!

LBD Lou Box Dress

Fabric and Sizing

As per usual, I made my Lou Box Dress in a size small.  This time I left off sleeves entirely and finished it like I would a Lou Box Top.  I also did the low back this time instead of the regular neckline.

I had mentioned in my post for my first Lou Box Dress Two that I wanted to add two inches to the length.  In the end, I didn’t actually add any length.  I envision this as a dress that’s really for more fun events/date type things, so I didn’t feel like the extra length is necessary.  I did, however, make it out of  a black crepe!  My first post mentioned that my next one would be out of a black rayon, and so that’s basically me achieving that goal.  The fabric is just from the silky solids section at JOANN, nothing special.

Sewing the Lou Box Dress

I’d say I covered this in that first Lou Box Dress Two post, but that’s hardly true.  Honestly, I hardly need to talk about sewing it, since Beth’s instructions are so clear.  Again, I definitely recommend Lou in all its iterations for beginner sewists.  It’s simple to fit, quick to make, and easy to follow!

The only problem I ran into here (and this happens to me a lot) is that I had trouble adjusting the gathers around the elastic waist.  You can see in the photos that the gathers are really centered around my belly button and the small of my back.  It’s not a pattern problem, it’s a Maddie problem!  I need to be better about adjusting them as I go, since it’s tougher to do after the fact.

I’m still for sure in love with the Lou Box Dresses.  I can see myself making one or two more of the Lou Box Dress Two before I head to Italy this summer, since their minimalistic silhouette is great for a capsule/travel wardrobe.  The skirt is something I’d like to revisit in future iterations.  I hate to gather a skirt to a top and then add in elastic, since it feels like doing the same thing twice to me.  However, I think the skirt might be a little more flattering on me if it was a less A-line, so a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Do you have a go-to LBD pattern — one that’s your favorite to use for a cute date night dress?  I’d love to know more about it in the comments!

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