Twitter for Bloggers

I know, I know — it seems crazy to be talking about another social media venue when it probably feels like you’re spending all your free time sewing, blogging, or hanging out on Instagram.  But even if you choose to prioritize some types of social media over others, it can’t hurt to know something about the ones you don’t use, right?  We’ll be spending a few weeks talking about those not-Instagram places, starting with Twitter for bloggers today.  I’m the first to admit I could really step up my Twitter game — want to do it with me?

Twitter for Bloggers

One thing I think is really interesting is that each type of social media has a different “feel” to it.  To me, Pinterest is an amazing scrapbook of ideas.  Facebook is my friends from high school, a few sewing and special interest groups, plus blogs and other sites I follow.  Instagram, at least for sewing folks, I think, is maybe best described as a space for project documentation.  I’m not here to judge how you use social media, or tell you if you’re using it right — but that’s how I think of these sites.

Twitter I see as being similar to what Facebook was when it started out, in a way.  Does Facebook tell you every day that you have memories with your best friend and your sister and eleven other people from 2007?  And then you go in and it’s just a bunch of up-to-the-minute status updates?  Twitter is where I do that now.

What Goes on Twitter?

I like to use Twitter to share my Instagram posts, my blog posts (when I remember), and sewing updates that don’t lend themselves to an Instagram story.  For example:

seemed like too short of an idea for a video in my Story, and I didn’t want to turn it into a text one. But it was short enough to tweet, and then I got to almost immediately update it when I found the patterns I was looking for.

(way to go, Maddie.)

Even though Twitter has a character limit, it’s pretty easy for people to share ideas or arguments that are longer by replying to each previous tweet, creating a thread.  Followers can retweet the first tweet in a thread, and still pass along the argument in its entirety.  If you have some thoughts that are still relatively short and don’t need you to be in a video explaining them, try using Twitter for that!

What Do I Retweet?

I really love Twitter for sharing RTW inspo.  It seems like less of a commitment to do there than on Instagram, where I prefer to keep my content focused on me or the hashtags I love.  I follow several fashion magazines and companies on Twitter, where I mainly only follow sewing Instagrams on my @MaddieMadeThis handle there.  Articles about trends or runway styles are always interesting to me!

I also like to share useful links, like Closet Case’s pants fitting guide (aka my bible).  Part of it is because I think the articles are good resources, but part of it is because I don’t know if people would think it’s weird if I retweet their blog post.  Would you find it odd if someone retweeted a blog or Instagram post?  Would it be less weird if you Internet-know each other?

What’s a Twitter List?

Basically, a list is a way to group the accounts you follow.  I don’t use this function, as I actually maintain different accounts for different interests (a personal Twitter, one for library stuff, and one for sewing).  If you prefer to do all your Tweeting from one, lists could be a life saver!  If you’re in a mood to retweet some sewing stuff — scroll through your sewing list and see what catches your eye.  Feeling like you want to share information on common-sense gun control?  Slide through your politics list!  It basically separates your feed into your interests or however you conceptualize the people you follow.

How I Get Photos on Twitter

This is probably my best Twitter for bloggers trick.  You can post a link to your Instagram posts in a tweet from the Instagram app.  But — it’s just a link.  Your followers have to click it to see your photo!  I use the app IFTTT (If This, Then That) to post my Instagram posts to Twitter as native photos.  Then they appear nice and large in my followers’ feeds.  Plus, there’s still a link to the post in case someone wants to see it on Instagram.  Boom! So easy I never think about it.

Let’s Tweet Together!

Like I said at the beginning of this post — I want to step up my Twitter game!  So I’ve got two ideas.  One: if you have a Twitter, say hey!  I want to follow you, especially since I feel less weird about following people I Internet-know (don’t ask me why, I don’t know).  Two:  I’m going to share some ideas from this sewing themed Twitter for bloggers list of ideas!

29 TWEETS FOR SEWING BLOGGERS srcset=>” width=”800″>

If any of these prompts inspire you, I want to see!  Use the hashtag #mmt29ideas and I can see what you’re thinking (assuming your profile is not private).

And of course — there are lots of Twitter links over on my Pinterest.  So what do you think?  Are you a Twitter user?  Are you inspired to become one now?  What do you like to tweet about?

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