Facebook for Bloggers

Hi friends, and welcome to a very tardy edition of Sewing Blogger 101.  Today’s topic is something a lot of you are probably very familiar with the fundamentals of — Facebook for bloggers!  Most of us use Facebook to catch up with friends, share photos, and maybe follow blogs and join groups.  Using Facebook as a tool to promote your blog can be really effective, so let’s jump right in.

Facebook for Bloggers

What is Facebook good for?

Having a page for your blog can be an amazing way to connect with your readers.  I know I spend a lot of time on Facebook, scrolling through my newsfeed!  It’s so handy to see a new blog post pop up in that scroll from one of my favorite sewists.  I’ve talked about the feed reader I use before, but I tend to spend more time on Facebook.  Even though I make it a point to check Bloglovin’ once or twice a day, I’m still often surprised by a blog post on Facebook!

You can share more than just blog posts on Facebook.  I love seeing Allie’s daily Instagram posts pop up, and See Kate Sew often shares products she loves.

Finally, Facebook for bloggers should also include groups!  Joining niche groups on Facebook can be a great way to connect with people, find new bloggers, and share your content.  The Dressmaking Blogging Network is one of my favorites — it’s a great mix of people sharing posts, looking for advice, and just discussing sewing!  Another great one is (of course) our #SewMyStyle2018 VIP group.  As long as you’re signed up to the mailing list, you can send a request to join.  It’s a super fun place!

What Can I Do Without a Blog Page?

A lot of stuff!  You can share your blog posts and Instagrams on your personal account.  Joining groups requires you to use your personal account, so it’s easy to post and share that way.  And of course, you can follow away on the pages of blogs you love.

How Do I Make a Page for My Blog?

Although you can do some of Facebook for bloggers without a dedicated Facebook Page for your blog, having that page opens up some doors for you.

First, it disconnects your blog from you a little.  Okay, that sounds like the opposite of what you would want to do, but trust me.  I’m not super secretive about my personal life (meaning I’m not hiding my last name, or where I live or anything), but I do like to have a little separation between that personal life and my blog.  I like that I can share my blog posts without a thousand people “following” me on Facebook (ha, I wish a thousand people wanted to follow my posts that bad!) and seeing my embarrassing photos from high school at the same time.

Second, it creates another one-stop shopping opportunity for your readers.  Anyone can click on the link to your page when it shows up in their newsfeed and see everything you’ve ever posted there!  Plus, Facebook makes it really easy for your readers to connect with you.  You can include links to your blog, albums of photos, events you’re hosting, and even your newsletter signup!

Third, it opens up the Instagram business account for you!  This is basically the reason I have a Facebook page for my blog.  Short of the blue checkmark next to your name, having a business account on Instagram is one of the best ways to tell people “I’m legit!  Trust me!  Read what I have to say!”  Plus, you get the added benefit of much better analytics.  Having a better idea of what your followers are like, what they like to see, and when they’re active can really help your growth on that front.

Do you like to follow blogs on Facebook?  What kind of content do you like to see from them?  And don’t forget — if you still have questions on Facebook for bloggers, head over to my Pinterest board to get some super helpful links.

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