Marigold Styling Inspiration

Hey there, me again!  I’m really excited for this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018 garment, the Marigold Jumpsuit and Trousers from Tilly and the Buttons.  I’m even more excited because I’m the leader for this month!  Yesterday I posted a dozen fabric options for your make, and today we’re talking about Marigold styling inspiration.  Each of these photos would be an awesome adjustment to make to your Marigold this month.  I know that jumpsuits and looser pants aren’t everyone’s style, but I’m hopeful that one of these hacks will speak to you if you’re on the fence!  All these ideas come from my Marigold board on Pinterest (the pin is linked in my description of the hack underneath the photo).  Hop over there to see more ideas!

Marigold Styling Inspiration


Widen and shorten the legs of your Marigold for a super on-trend culotte jumpsuit!

Leave out the elastic (or make it very loose) for a super comfy lounge Marigold.

A classy one shoulder Marigold jumpsuit could be the perfect choice for a formal event.

Is winter headed your way?  Mash up the Marigold trousers with your favorite sleeved shirt pattern!

Are you feeling daring?  Adjust the Marigold jumpsuit’s neckline to a deep V for a sexy date night outfit!

Choose a super drapey fabric and add elastic to the hems of the legs to mimic this swooshy jumpsuit.


I think I definitely need a pair of Marigold trousers with some cargo pockets!

If you love a menswear inspired vibe, it’d be really easy to add elastic to the legs and a drawstring to the waist of your Marigold trousers.

Jumpsuit not your kinda thing?  Try making the pants and your favorite tee or tank out of the same fabric for a matched set!

Maximum comfort = wide legged Marigold trousers.

An inspiration two-fer!  I love a paperbag waist, and the belt made out of the same fabric is sooo chic.

I hope something here has caught your eye.  Tilly and her team also happen to have an amazing list of mashup ideas on their site!  Remember, hacks and modifications are eligible for prizes as long as we can see the base of our shared pattern in your finished make.  Are you hacking your Marigold?

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