My Marigold Trousers

Another month has come and gone, and with it a #SewMyStyle2018 prompt!  It was so fun being the leader for April’s prompt, the Marigold Trousers, and I’m already looking forward to doing it again in the fall.  It’s always a little awkward talking about the patterns that maybe didn’t work for you so well — especially when it’s something you were the leader for.  Still, it’s important to share real experiences! Maybe someday I’ll revisit the Marigolds and make sure they work for me… But for now, here’s my experiences with the Marigolds!

Marigold Trousers >>

Marigold Trousers

Fabric and Sizing

For my Marigold trousers, I used a rayon from  I’ve talked before about how much I love their baseline rayon — it’s what I used for my first two Kalle shirtdresses, as well as my Anza dress.  This time, I used a mustard color that perfectly matches the pattern’s floral name!  They are, unsurprisingly, super drapey.  I actually prefer this look to some of the more structured versions I saw!

Marigold Trousers >>

I made a size 5, which I was pretty happy with.  Of course, I made a few #sewingtall adjustments.  First, I had the idea that these pants might be the paper bag waist pants of my Pinterest dreams.  Knowing that my already high waist means that sometimes higher-waisted things are too short on me, I added 2″ to the rise.  Wow.  Waaaaaay too much.  These are more MC Hammer than high waisted!  I added 5″ to the length of the pants as well.  I did a narrower hem just to finish them faster, and they’re a little long.  With a good 1″ hem, they’d be great.

Sewing the Marigold Trousers

I love the Marigold Trousers as an intro to pants sewing!  They’re beautifully easy to cut out, and the elastic waist means that things like crotch fitting are more suggestions rather than necessities.  I did my whole pair in about two hours.

I think my main issue with these pants is the crotch.  It’s way too low, which is an issue of my own making here.  I think maybe next time I’d just shorten it by an inch and see if that’s a better fit for my body.  As they are right now, they’re mainly lounge/house pants.  I could pretty easily shorten the crotch at the waist if I wanted to put some time in it.  All I’d need to do is lengthen the darts so I can take length off the top, and recut the pocket angles.  It could be a good refashion-type project if I ever get the bug for it.

Marigold Trousers >>

Overall, I don’t know that I’ll be revisiting the Marigolds.  I don’t love jumpsuits on me, and I think my time would be better spent hacking another pattern into those paper bag waist trousers.

I’m super excited for this month’s pattern, the Myosotis dress from Deer and Doe’s brand new spring line!  I plan to hack the dress into a blouse.  Check back next week for a styling post!


  1. I agree the Marigold’s crotch is way too low and I raised mine by about 5 cm and took some fabric from the back leg too. I love be the deep pockets though. Try the StyleArc Tully Pants for Paper bag waist trousers. A great pattern. I haven’t posted pictures yet but will. I basically used that block for my Marigold jumpsuit

    1. The Tullys are on my list! I’m glad to hear you think they have the silhouette I’m looking for.

  2. Hey, I love the colour of these pants, but yes, I agree. the crotch is definitely too long. The look super-comfy though, and are definitely more stylish to lounge around the house in than a daggy old pair of tracky-dacks, don’t you think?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this pattern. Hope you have better luck next time!

    1. Definitely more stylish than my sweats! Thanks for reading!

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