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A Lengthened Driftless Cardigan

Hi friends!  I honestly cannot believe we’re more than halfway through May — where did this month go?!  It definitely feels like summer here in St. Louis: most of this month has been in the 80s/low 90s (high 20s/low 30s).  I have so many amazing plans for this summer, sewing and activities alike, and I can’t wait to share them with you!  A lot of those plans include traveling, both for work and for fun.  Even when I’m traveling to somewhere that’s warm, I like to wear jeans and a sweater on the plane.  I’m one of those people that’s always cold, so layers are key for a chilly airplane!  Earlier this month I whipped up the lengthened Driftless Cardigan I’m sharing with you today, and I totally plan on bringing it EVERYWHERE with me this summer!

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan

Fabric and Fitting

Grainline Studio’s Driftless Cardigan is already a workhorse in my wardrobe.  It’s cute, comfy, easy to style, and those pockets can fit sooooo many K-Cups in them!  This is the first time I’ve ever really modified the pattern beyond fit alterations, though.  I can’t believe it took me this long!

I make a size 4 cardigan, and add 3″ to the sleeves because of #sewingtall.  I’m 5′ 11″, and most of my length is in my limbs, which I think is particularly useful to know for this modification!

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan >> MaddieMadeThis.com

The lower body pattern pieces have 20″ added to them.  Initially I went all in and added 3 FEET to the length!  I really had no idea how much I wanted to add, but I figured it was better to chop a lot of length off than to wish I had made it longer.  Don’t forget to add length to the lower part of the neck band, too!

The fabric is a light rib knit from JOANN.  It’s definitely creamier than it appears on the site — I feel like my photos are pretty true to color.

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan >> MaddieMadeThis.com

Sewing a Lengthened Driftless Cardigan

At this point, I’ve made so many Driftless Cardigans that I don’t even need to use the directions!  Also… it’s a pretty simple sew, so I’m not sure that’s as big of a brag as I think it is.  I used my twin needle (my fave) on my regular sewing machine.

Because I was totally winging the look of this lengthened Driftless Cardigan, I saved the fitting for last.  I put the lower and upper body pieces together, and then did the shoulder seams and attached the sleeves flat.  I sewed the sleeve seam together, and continued into the body, stopping at the seam in the body of the sweater where the upper and lower pieces were joined.  Then I tried the sweater on, made length adjustments, and decided where I wanted the vents to start!

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan >> MaddieMadeThis.com

I finished out the vents, added the hem bands, and then finished the whole thing out with the neck bands.  Here’s a tutorial on how to add vents if you’re interested.

Lengthened Driftless Cardigan >> MaddieMadeThis.com

This lengthened Driftless cardigan is going to go everywhere with me this summer!  What’s your go-to airplane outfit?



  1. Thanks for the great post! I have made the driftless twice, but heading into winter, I can see a lengthened one being really useful. Yours looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Melinda! It’s so cozy!

  2. Hi! Happy to have found your site, and another sew-er in STL!! Also super excited that you got that fabric at Joann, it looks super comfy! Wish we had more fabric stores here!! Happy travels 🙂

    1. Yay, hi fellow Lou-er! It’s sooo comfy but a little old — I got it at the JOANN on Big Bend but I don’t think I’ve seen it since.

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