Styling the Suki Kimono

Hi friends!  Amazingly, it is a new month, and so of course — a new Project #SewMyStyle prompt!  We’ve seen so many gorgeous garments this year, and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this month’s pattern.  June is all about the Suki Kimono from Helen’s Closet!  There are so many ways you could go with this gorgeous pattern.  Will you make yourself a cozy robe for lounging, or a fashionable kimono for a night out on the town?  If you need help deciding, I’ve got some styling suggestions for you!  All of these images and more are on my Suki Kimono Pinterest board — the pins are linked in the descriptions below!

Styling the Suki Kimono


I’m so excited to make myself a luxurious Suki Kimono to swan around in in the morning.  And at night.  And when I have those days where I get up and immediately start sewing and all of the sudden it’s 3:00 in the afternoon.  So basically… a luxurious robe to wear all day on the weekend.  Here are some style ideas I’m tossing around!

Plum Pretty Sugar Inspired

If you’re a frequent flyer on wedding Pinterest (like yours truly, who is nowhere near getting married), you’ve probably seen Plum Pretty Sugar robes.  They’re in all those photos of the bridal party getting ready in the morning, wearing gorgeous floral robes.  SHOCKINGLY, they’re not super cheap.  Maybe you’re looking to DIY a set of robes for a bridal party, a girls’ trip, or a really fancy sleepover.  Maybe you just love a floral robe!  I think the Suki is the perfect canvas for a quick knockoff of that Plum Pretty Sugar style.

Lace Edged

I think this is the look I’m going to go with for my Suki Kimono!  Add a little lace to the hems or sleeves of your kimono for a little glam in your morning.  Bonus: buy enough lace to save for November when we do lingerie for a gorgeous matching set ;).

Vintage Accents

The Suki Kimono would be so easy to adapt with some vintage accents!  Try adding piping to a silky robe, or using Helen’s included instructions for contrast bands.

Edge Embroidery

Time to test out those decorative stitches on your sewing machine!  How sweet and delicate would some embroidery around the edges of your Suki Kimono be?  If you’re brave you could do the whole thing by hand, or you could do some hand stitching as accents in certain locations.


Kimonos as daywear are super in right now — will you make yours to wear out on the town?  Here are a few ideas for styling!

Floral Fabric

How about a light and floaty floral fabric for your Suki?  If you’re in the middle of summer, it’s a stylish look that won’t make you overheated!

Hack a Top

This inspiration image looks soooooo nice for summer.  Try replicating this business-casual secret pajamas blouse in a double gauze.

Sleeve Details

The perfect festival look?  Probably a Suki Kimono with crocheted lace or fringe on the sleeves!  The longer the fringe, the more dramatic the look.

I hope you found some Suki Kimono inspiration here!  All these photos and more can be found on my Pinterest board, too, if you’re still looking for the perfect idea.  Do you need some fabric options?  Head over to Sarah’s post from the other day!  I can’t wait to see what you guys make.




  1. Love these ideas! And that top is so awesome! Not sure if could pull it off but worth a try. I think I am making a short swimsuit cover up but now you got me thinking that more than one is a good idea.

    1. I’m so glad you found them inspirational, Carol! More robes is always a good idea 😉

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