Nine Halifax Hoodie Hacks

Okay remember last week when I said I’d finally have time to catch up on about a million posts and emails? Well, Mercury in retrograde has hit me hard and basically every electronic I own has taken turns being on the fritz. If I owe you an email… I will do my best to get back to you this weekend! Honestly, I think I’m busier right now than I was in grad school, which is saying something. Aaaaaanyways — August is Halifax Hoodie month for Project #SewMyStyle2018! Woo hoo! How about some inspiration in case you need a push to get going on one?

Halifax Hoodie Inspiration

The Halifax Hoodie is suuuuch a versatile pattern. Seriously — with five views, you’re almost guaranteed to find a look that speaks to you! And it’s not just the views that are versatile. Since the Halifax Hoodie is such a basic pattern, you can very easily hack it to your heart’s desire. Let’s talk about a few options! PS: all these photos are from my Pinterest board for the Halifax. You can find them there, or use the link below the image!

Adding Ties

(Photo 1)

(Photo 2)

I know the lace up/tie trend has been around for a minute, but I’m still totally loving it! View A of the Halifax Hoodie would make it super easy to recreate the first photo. How cute would adding ties to the sides of any Halifax be, especially if you used the angles of views B and E?!

Maternity Hack


I swear half my Instagram feed is pregnant right now, including two #SewMyStyle2018 hosts! This tiered and ruffled hack would be pretty easy to do, and would work for a baby bump and long after.

Border Prints


Border prints are often tricky to use, but I think that the Halifax hoodie would be so cute in one!  Try making the zipper or pockets in a solid color that coordinates with that print.

Color Blocking

(Photo 1)

(Photo 2)

Look at these real (and adorable) Halifax Hoodies by Mie and Stacey!  The Halifax is begging to be color blocked.  There are so many fun ways to throw a pop of color in!  And also — I may 100% copy Mie’s black and white Halifax.  It looks like basically the coziest thing ever.

Welt Pockets


If you’re comfortable with sewing a welt pocket, this would be a really neat thing to try.  It’s kind of funny to say, but I feel like this… elevates? the sweatshirt a little bit?  If a sweatshirt can be elevated, that is!  Maybe this video will help?

Split Hem


A split hem detail is so fun, and so easy to do.  Bonus points if you split them hem AND make it uneven!

Neon Zip


Need I say more?  How awesome is Beth’s Halifax Hoodie with that pop of color?!

Button Neck


This is another pretty easy hack — add buttons to your funnel neck! Don’t forget to add in a little extra width so that you have room for the button band to overlap.

Add a Saying!


If I had a cutting machine (ahem – sponsor me, Cricut!), I would definitely be adding a cute saying to my sweatshirt!  These free cut files would be adorable to add to your Halifax hoodie.  No cut machine?  No problem!  Use freezer paper and a pair of sharp scissors to make your own design, then iron on and paint.  I did this for my Briar tee last year, and have an upcoming project where I did it again!

I can’t wait to get my own Halifax Hoodie going.  The only hard part will be deciding which view and hacks I want to make!  What are your Halifax Hoodie plans?

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