My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

My Halifax Hoodie Hack

We’re officially 67% of the way through Project #SewMyStyle.  How weird is that?  I swear this year is just flying by.  I’m incredibly excited for all the projects we still having coming and I can’t wait to get started on them.  First, though, we have to chat about August’s garment!  I’m super in love with my Halifax Hoodie.  It’s been my go-to for all my lazy evenings and weekends.  And the best part is that my lace up hack is sooooo easy.

My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

Halifax Hoodie

Fabric and Sizing

I love a cozy sweatshirt, but it’ll be summer here in St. Louis for at least another month.  I decided to use an interlock knit that has the softness of a sweatshirt, but no fleece.  It was really easy to work with.  I couldn’t find my twin needle, so I ended up sewing the whole thing with a straight stitch on a regular needle.  It worked out surprisingly well!  I was so happy it did, since I don’t love a zig zag on knits — no real reason other than personal preference.

My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

I made a medium Halifax Hoodie.  Usually I float between a small and medium in tops, but who doesn’t love an oversized hoodie?  This round, I made no #sewingtall adjustments.  Next time I’ll add 1″ to the sleeves.

Sewing the Halifax Hoodie

I’d never made a Hey June pattern before, and I don’t know why I waited so long!  Adrianna’s patterns are adorable and well-loved, and I’m finally on the bandwagon.  The instructions were clear and easy, and the illustrations were well done.

My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

My sweatshirt is view A, with basically no changes.  I did make one modification to the pattern, and that was to add a lace up front to the neckline.  It’s one of the ideas I had talked about in my Halifax Hoodie inspiration post earlier this month.  It’s also one of the hacks I used during last year’s Orla Affair!  If you want to add a lace up front to your own Halifax Hoodie, here’s the tutorial.  An already easy hack is made even easier because the neck is already split!  Just add button holes in the places you want them and use the drawstring for the hood as the drawstring for the front.  Boom!  Done.

My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>

I’m still planning to make the welt pocket version from my inspiration post, but that’ll have to wait for another time.  Next up is the Fringe Blouse and Dress, something I am soooo excited for!  If you want to see Fringes I’ve made in the past, here’s my dress (I was a tester!) and two blouses.  And stay tuned for inspiration posts coming soon!

My DIY Lace Front Halifax Hoodie >>


  1. What an amazing idea, that looks so cool!

  2. That’s one comfy looking hoodie.

    1. It’s pretty cozy!

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