Lingerie Inspiration and Patterns

Hello friends, and welcome to a new month of #SewMyStyle2018!  I’m really excited to be this month’s leader, with a lingerie theme.  Our pattern sponsor this month is Evie La Luve DIY, who has so many amazing patterns for you to try out.  And I’ll be here sharing my lingerie making experience, tips, tricks, resources — all that good stuff!  I know that lingerie making can be one of the most intimidating things to tackle, so I want to be here the whole way through to walk you guys through this.  Today I have some lingerie inspiration for you, plus patterns to try out.  Let’s get chatting!

*some of the links on this page are affiliate links.  this means that I get a small commission from purchases you make using them, but doesn’t cost you anything!  I only share things I love and that I think you’ll love too.  affiliate links help me pay for hosting, fabric, and patterns.*

Lingerie Inspiration

Lingerie is something I love to pin.  All those gorgeous laces in soft colors… I can’t resist!  I’ve pinned a bunch of stuff to my Pinterest board for lingerie, so here’s a little preview of what I’m loving the most.




Lingerie Patterns

This month’s pattern sponsor is Evie La Luve, and our selected patterns are the Darcey, Willow, Frankie, and Binky patterns.  I’ve made a few in the past — check out my posts on the Jamie bodysuit (which I turned into a swimsuit), the Maxine suspender panties, and the Willow bralette.  So what am I planning to make this month?

  • A Rosie bralette
  • A pair of Minnies to go with a Sophia
  • And a pair of Camille knickers, which it looks like she doesn’t sell anymore, to go with another Sophia

Plus I’ll share a Darcey bralette from a testing round earlier this year that never made it to the blog!  I’ll also have a few more posts throughout the month that are lingerie, but not Evie La Luve patterns.

More Ideas

Are you looking for something different?  I’ve got a few pattern designer suggestions in case Evie La Luve doesn’t fit your bill!

Plus, you can try your hand at swimwear!

Coming Up:

  • A #SewMyStyle2019 special reveal tomorrow!
  • Bra vocabulary on Monday
  • Tips and tricks for sewing lingerie on Tuesday
  • Suggestions for photographing your makes on Wednesday

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