McCalls 7740 is the perfect dress for a night in Tuscany -- head over to the blog to see how I made it fit me perfectly! >>

McCalls 7740 Goes to Italy

Hey friends!  The dog days of summer are here — and they’re in Italy too!  I cannot wait to head to Italy in EIGHT DAYS!  I’m tagging along with some family friends to babysit for the grandkids, and it’s going to be ah-mazing.  We’re spending two or three days in Rome, and then heading into

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I can’t believe I’m headed to Italy in a week and a half! Of course, I needed the perfect wardrobe, and it was JOANN to the rescue. #sponsored Head over to the blog today to read all about my capsule wardrobe for beautiful Tuscany! #handmadewithjoann

A Capsule Wardrobe for Italy

For a year and a half in grad school, I cataloged my university’s art collection.  The school was one of the first colleges to have a study abroad experience, and for years had a program in Florence, Italy.  Seeing all the beautiful pieces of art in the university’s collection that showed Florence or the area

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In the market for an easy DIY black tie dress? McCalls 7683 is the winner and I'll tell you why! >>

Blue-Tie Dress McCalls 7683

I think I would really struggle if I worked from home.  On the weekends, the only thing that gets me out of sweats is a grocery trip.  How do you work from home folks ever get the motivation to put on something even resembling real pants?  The irony here is that I like feeling put together,

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I recreated one of Pinterest's most popular holiday outfits -- and it was so easy! Learn all about how you can do it too in this post >>

Countdown to New Year’s Eve Style with JOANN

I’m not a huge birthday fan.  I know it’s surprising for a blogger who takes photos of herself constantly, but I really don’t like being the center of attention!  My birthday is the day before New Year’s Eve, and it’s always worked out well.  If people want to have a party for me, I tell

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An amazing faux fur coat is easier than you think! Check out my DIY version here >>

Fabulous DIY Faux Fur Coat

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, I’m bringing two of my favorite makes from last year to the blog.  I meant to write these pieces up last year as some of my first blog posts (can you believe it’s already been almost a year?!?!).  But in the craziness that is the post-holiday period, they

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June To-Sew List >>

Things I’m Making in June

I wrote myself a pretty hefty to-make list in May.  I accomplished a fair deal of it!  I wrote a whole post about my Lous, whipped out a bunch of Ogdens, finished a pocket skirt, and made a TON of bias tape.  But I didn’t hit either pajama pattern I wanted to do.  I lost some

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