Simplicity 8700 Utility Jacket >>

Simplicity 8700 Utility Jacket

Ever have a project that you can envision so clearly in your mind, but doesn’t come out at all close to what you imagined?  Sometimes it’s a disappointment, but sometimes, it’s perfection. And luckily for me, this jacket is perfection! When I set out to make this jacket, I had visions of a great fall

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DIY Faux Fur Vest

Okay, I admit it: I’m a little extra.  Not all the time, but there are some things for which I just can’t resist going a little over the top. And faux fur is one of those things!  When JOANN let me know they were sending me some of their new faux fur for this month’s

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Joy Jacket >>

SYHOS ’18 Guest Post

Hi friends!  This is just a quick note to let you all know that I guest posted over on the Harts Fabric blog today to celebrate Sew Your Heart Out September.  Head over there to learn all about my gorgeous Joy Jacket!

SMF Style Tour 2018: Jack Coat

Hey there, and welcome to the Style Maker Fabric Spring 2018 Blog Tour!  I’m really excited to share two projects with you today –the Jack Coat from Ready to Sew and the Lander Pant from True Bias. Last spring, in the aftermath of a particularly painful breakup, I found myself laying on the bed of one

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The Estelle Ponte Jacket is easy, chic, and perfect for transitional weather! Check out my blog post here >>

My Final Estelle

One thing I love about Project #SewMyStyle2018 is reveal day!  Even though I follow your progress throughout the month (by following #sewmystyle2018 on Instagram and scrolling through our Facebook group), it’s still so fun to have a big reveal with everyone else.  This month you’ve already gotten a pretty good view of my Estelle Ponte

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The Joy Jacket is the perfect jacket for spring! >>

The Joy Jacket

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I could never be a minimalist.  I just have too much… stuff.  (Cue my mother, nodding vigorously in agreement.)  But I like to have all my books on hand!  Fun new recipes often require fun new cooking equipment!  And gosh darn it if I just don’t love a good jacket.  Kellys,

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Estelle Ponte Jacket Hacks

You guys, I am loving the Estelle Jacket, one of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle2018 options.  It’s a super easy make — you can do the whole thing in an afternoon, and I’ve got the sewalong to prove it.  Since it’s so simple, you could definitely make a bunch.  And if you’re making a bunch… why

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Ready to start your Estelle Ponte Jacket but feeling confused by the Style Arc directions? I have an Estelle Jacket sewalong for you! >>

Estelle Jacket Sewalong

Hi friends!  I’m really excited to be hosting a little Estelle Jacket sewalong, one of this month’s Project #SewMyStyle options and my first sewalong!  I loved making this jacket, and it’s super easy.  Knits are often recommended for beginners, and honestly I disagree, which I mentioned in my Sunny post.  The Estelle, however, is the

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Estelle Ponte Jacket styling inspiration >>

Fabric and Styling for the Estelle Ponte Jacket

I’m definitely still riding a high from some amazing weather last month.  Give a girl a couple of days in the 60s and she’ll want to plan an entire spring wardrobe!  And one thing I really cannot resist is a good coat.  I wore my original Kelly basically every day last spring, and I’m excited

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